Bee Photography 2021

Hey all! It is time for another animal photography post! Today, I want to focus on bee photography! I’ll cover how to capture good bee photos, what settings I use, and a few editing tips too! Let’s take some photos! Taking the Photos!I’ll start with how to take the photos. I set my camera toContinue reading “Bee Photography 2021”

Bird Photography 2021

Hello everyone! Today’s blog post is all about bird photography! If you were following me back in August (2020), the first month of this blog, you might remember my post on Bird Photography 2020. You can consider this to be a sequel post. 😊 In this post I am also going to look at theContinue reading “Bird Photography 2021”

Buzzing Bewilderment

Bees are buzz through the air throughout the spring and summer. Bees collect pollen throughout the summer and we end up with honey in our grocery stores or a net of bees in our garden. Either way, these are spectacular creatures that do stunning things. With the bee season coming to an end, I wantedContinue reading “Buzzing Bewilderment”

Rabbit Photography Special

Rabbits are probably one of the most cooperative animals to photograph in photography. Using the Nikon Coolpix P900 here is a collection of photos that I have taken. These are a photos taken over numerous weeks of two different Rabbits. One Rabbit is a grown one and the other a baby. Each photo is completelyContinue reading “Rabbit Photography Special”

Bird Photography Special

Birds are a vastly different from one another and are fantastic to photograph. Previously, I did a post on Monochrome photography and is the top post on the blog at the time of writing this. I will do this post on birds and the shots that I have captured of them. Here is the selection:Continue reading “Bird Photography Special”