Ducks & Ducklings!

Hello! Another week and another spring joy: baby ducks! Yep, I have some baby duck photos, enjoy! I hope you enjoyed seeing these adorable ducklings! Here is a yt short of the ducks: Thanks for reading! 🙂 -Digital Wonders & Smiles

A New Video Editor

So, I switched to Chrome OS and now edit photos and videos entirely through Crosonti. I have edited with a few video editors and none of them are perfect. I liked OpenShot and still think it is decent especially with the Inkscape and Blender integration, but what if we look at just Blender. Well, I’veContinue reading “A New Video Editor”

Sunshine Showers

Well! Hello all! This week I have photos to share from last Friday after that post went out! Well, it would be impressive if I did anything before 12:01 AM last Friday 😂… Anyways! I was hiking and took some photos before getting poured on out of no where! I was able to capture aContinue reading “Sunshine Showers”

Back to Baltimore

Hey all, happy April 1st! This week I have some photos from Baltimore! I was in Baltimore for an appointment following my surgery 1.5 months ago and captured some photos to share! Also, stick around to the end for a special photo! Here are the photos! I also took photos in 360 to share! GoogleContinue reading “Back to Baltimore”

Photo Trio

Heya everyone! Another week and I have some photos! Today I edited in Filmulator for the first time and have to say that I love the raw workflow! I still think that Camera Raw (Adobe) gives the most control over photos, but I really think that the process is nice. Today I edited with aContinue reading “Photo Trio”

Post Surgery

Hey all! I just wanted to share some photos and give a slight life update. On Monday (Feb 14) I had a surgery at Hopkins, Baltimore. It was fairly extensive and involved the removal of a rib but luckily did go well and I am writing this on the other side of the surgery. Unfortunately,Continue reading “Post Surgery”

EOS M Image Border

Hi All! I was going through photos that I had taken and discovered this: The photos are surrounded by this pink border and what looks like trees on the bottom. It is a super weird thing that I would have to guess is from Magic Lantern. I did some searching, and discovered a thread onContinue reading “EOS M Image Border”

February Frost

Heya all! Today I have some photos from my EOS M! I have really been enjoying experimenting with this camera and its capabilities! I recently got a lens adapter for it allowing me to use my 50mm STM lens with the camera! I also can use all of my other EF/EFS lenses with it now!Continue reading “February Frost”

Winter Blending

Heya all! This week I have some photos to share, all from my continued experimentation with the EOS M! These are some photos from short walk/slide down an icy trail. At the end I have a blend of the photos, so be sure to stick around for that! This is the first winter scene, whichContinue reading “Winter Blending”

Shades of Vibrancy

Hey all! Today I have a photo to share, but I have it in a few different colour mixes! I edited them in Polarr since I haven’t checked out the editor in a while! Since I only get one free “premium export”, I wanted to go crazy. The image has a lot of artefacts sinceContinue reading “Shades of Vibrancy”

A Few Photos

Hello all! I have a few unedited photos from my new EOS M to share! This camera has been a blast to use so far, but tons of stuff I want to test before a full post on it! That last photo is probably one of my favorite photos. These photos are featured in episodeContinue reading “A Few Photos”


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