Winter Blending

Heya all! This week I have some photos to share, all from my continued experimentation with the EOS M! These are some photos from short walk/slide down an icy trail. At the end I have a blend of the photos, so be sure to stick around for that! This is the first winter scene, whichContinue reading “Winter Blending”

Shades of Vibrancy

Hey all! Today I have a photo to share, but I have it in a few different colour mixes! I edited them in Polarr since I haven’t checked out the editor in a while! Since I only get one free “premium export”, I wanted to go crazy. The image has a lot of artefacts sinceContinue reading “Shades of Vibrancy”

A Few Photos

Hello all! I have a few unedited photos from my new EOS M to share! This camera has been a blast to use so far, but tons of stuff I want to test before a full post on it! That last photo is probably one of my favorite photos. These photos are featured in episodeContinue reading “A Few Photos”

Animate Accelerate

Hello all! Today, I am going to be animating the new intro for Adobe Accelerate. My plan is to do this every ten episodes of the series, starting at #10! I am planning to try out a software called Magix to hopefully make it more custom than the intro I have used for the pastContinue reading “Animate Accelerate”

A New Era of Web Editors?

Hey, hey, heya all! Today we are talking about Adobe’s new endeavour, Creative Cloud Express. Let’s see how good this online editor is and edit some photos! Overview:Just 4 days ago (at the time this post goes out), Adobe released Creative Cloud Express. So, what is this?! Well, this is the editor rising out ofContinue reading “A New Era of Web Editors?”

Android 12 is…

Hello everyone! Today, oh today, it is time to talk about Google (😇), more specifically: Android 12. Wow. Let’s get into it! Overview:Android 12 is by far my favourite Android version. This is the smoothest UI ever, and you won’t realize it until you use it. Whenever I first saw Android 12 at Google IO,Continue reading “Android 12 is…”

Sunset Shots

Hello all! Happy day-late Thanksgiving! Here are a few shots of a sunset a few days ago! I was fully intending to have the Android 12 post done for today but… Unfortunately Premiere doesn’t feel like working and has caused numerous headaches. 😂 For now, here is a mini-trailer for the post coming… Eventually! 😂Continue reading “Sunset Shots”

Wow, Windows 11 is…

Hello everyone! We need to talk about Windows 11… Windows 11, it “released” on October 5th but Samsung along with a lot of other PC manufacturers only just rolled it out. I now have it on my Galaxybook Flex Alpha and… let’s talk about it. Design and Animation:So, I want to start this part outContinue reading “Wow, Windows 11 is…”

A Single Shot

Hello all! Today, I only have one photo to share due to an extreme lack of time, so I hope that you still enjoy it! I do have more photos and footage that I am anxious to share from this trip, but that will come later on now. Here is a little before and afterContinue reading “A Single Shot”

Cool Captures!

Hello all! It is another week and I have some photos to share with you! Today’s post will consist of some photos I got while out hiking recently! Let’s see these photos! Photo #1:Today’s first photo is of a flower in the center of some heavy vignetting. Photo #2:This next photo is of the beautifulContinue reading “Cool Captures!”


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