March Magic

Hello all! Today I have a really random post of assorted photos and also am checking out Google’s Magic Eraser from the Pixel 6 and 7 series phones ↴ Backstory on that: Google has kept this feature for new phones until now, after 2 years, it is available to every Pixel released. It was actually…

March Music

Hello all! This week I have some cello photos taken on the Fujifilm XT20 (18-55mm Canon STM) using the camera remote app. When I got the camera I wasn’t expecting much from the app since it’s railings on the Play Store are just sooo bad, but honestly I’ve been shocked and it’s super useful for…


Hey all! A photo collection of hills and pine trees and more. These are my first photos on the XT20 shot with the Helios 44-2! I was intrigued to see the results and actually think the detail from the camera helps but I almost want the EOS M’s more smoothed approach. Definitely interested in how…

Photos of Philadelphia

Hey everyone! Last weekend I was able to take a trip to Philadelphia and I saw the musical Come from Away. The photos below are taken throughout Philly on the Pixel 4a and also on a Pixel 3aXL after my 4a died. Luckily, the 3a uses the same IMX363 as the 4a, its dynamic range…


Hey all! Just one photo again 🙂 -Digital Wonders & Smiles


Hey all! Just one photo today since I’ve been sick… enjoy Shot on the Pixel 4a using ProShot. -Digital Wonders & Smiles


Hey all! Today I again have some photos from my XT20. Enjoy! Thanks for reading! -Digital Wonders & Smiles


Hey all! Just have another photo selection of some neat icicles on the side of a lake! Enjoy! Alright! That’s it for today! See you next week! -Digital Wonders & Smiles

Sunset Greenery

Hey all! Today is just another small post with photos from a lake around sunset. Enjoy! Okay! That’s it! Seeya next week! -Digital Wonders & Smiles

Lakeside View

Hey everyone! Here’s some photos to start out 2023! I’ve been experimenting with the Fujifilm XT-20 which is just an awesome camera! These photos were all taken with a Canon 55-250mm STM II using the K&F autofocus adapter for the canon lens to work on the Fuji mount. After a few times out, the adapter…

Goodbye 2022

So! Here we are, the final Friday of 2022. Super crazy how fast this year went by! Today I just have a few photos from a sunset shot on a Fujifilm XT-20 which I’m intending to use as my main camera in 2023! Hope you enjoy some of these first photos from this camera and…

Late-December Snowfall

Hey all! Today I have some photos I took yesterday of a recent snowfall on some bushes. Enjoy! That’s it today, thanks for stopping by! 🙂 -Digital Wonders & Smiles

Photos from Virginia

Hey all! Here are some photos from a mini trip to VA! All shots are taken on the Pixel 4a and edited in Darktable. Enjoy! Thanks for reading! -Digital Wonders & Smiles


Hi all! Busy week this week so just this one photo. Enjoy! 🙂 -Digital Wonders & Smiles

Thanksgiving Dinner

Hey all! One of photo today of my thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately I’ve been pretty sick all week and have no new photos to post so here we are 🙂 Well that’s it today… See you all next week when I hopefully have some new photos -Digital Wonders & Smiles

Safari & Snow

Hey all! Today I have a weird combination of photos. I went to a Safari park and took photos of animals there… but once I got home, I was greeted with snow. Sooo! I have photos of both the Safari Park and of the first snowfall of the year! Enjoy! Safari:This set of photos is…

Hey all! Today I have some of the last autumn photos for this year! Most of the leaves are gone now so this is my last real photoshoot of the leaves! Today’s photos were all taken with my Pixel 4a using ProShot for DNG files and Darktable for editing! Enjoy! That’s all this week! Thanks…

Mid-Autumn Photos

Hey everyone! This week I have some photos from my EOS M and the 18-55mm M-Mount kit lens. Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by! See you next week 🙂 -Digital Wonders & Smiles


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