Lake Bokeh

Hello all! Today I just have this photo with a lake in the background! -Digital Wonders & Smiles

Covered Bridges of PA

Hello all! Another week and this week I have some more photos from my new OneRS! I visited 8 covered bridges in PA to take some photos in the rain! Enjoy! Thanks for reading! -Digital Wonders & Smiles

Caution for Carriages

Hi all! Didn’t have a ton of time for editing this week but wanted to share a photo from my OneRS of a PA road sign. Not sure how common it is where you all are so thought I’d share! Thanks for reading! -Digital Wonders & Smiles


Hello all! Here are some photos of a recent trip to DC to see Hamilton! Enjoy! Thanks for reading! ❤️ -Digital Wonders & Smiles 😊

Scottish Sendoff

So, after quite a few posts about this trip I now am posting the last set of photos! I’m happy to say that after getting in touch with Google about the issues with Crosonti (Linux), they resolved it in just a few days and I was back to editing! Enjoy! First up, photos from aContinue reading “Scottish Sendoff”

Somewhere in Scotland

Hello all! If you’ve seen posts from the last few weeks you may know that I’ve just returned from Scotland with tons of photos! After many hours editing and sifting through I have some of the photos I took with many many more to edit. Enjoy! 😅 So, hopefully you enjoyed those many photos fromContinue reading “Somewhere in Scotland”

Flight Time

Hi! Just a quick post before I board a flight back to DC! Here is a photo from Perth, Scotland: -Digital Wonders & Smiles

Sky Shots

Hey all! This week I am in Scotland and have some photos to share from this trips beginnings! For today’s post I have photos from the flight shot on my Pixel 4a and edited in Google Snapseed! Enjoy! In-Flight Photos: Here are some photos I shot on the flight to Edinburgh! The landscape became sooooContinue reading “Sky Shots”


Hey! This week I have some photos from my new Helios lens! After finishing this post I am noticing these photos seem a bit over-compressed so I do hope it is only on my end and you are seeing better quality on your end… Anyways, as always, enjoy! Theme:So, for today’s photos I am goingContinue reading “Blue”

Driving Day!

Hey all! This week I am in North Beach MD! I don’t have a ton of time to write but do have some photos to share of the drive up and evening so enjoy! On the Road:Here are some photos I took out the window! Unfortunately these first few were affected by a camera bugContinue reading “Driving Day!”

Squirrel Season

Hey all! Today I just have a few photos of this adorable baby squirrel! Enjoy! Just wanted to add some from my phone as well. I’ve seen some interesting stuff about super resolution zoom on Pixels and was intrigued. For 12.2mp, the photos are surprisingly decent but aren’t super sharp either. I saw some recentContinue reading “Squirrel Season”

Forest Photos

Hello all! This week I have some photos from a hike to share, enjoy! Here is a link to an edited Photosphere from the hike! -Digital Wonders & Smiles

Ducks & Ducklings!

Hello! Another week and another spring joy: baby ducks! Yep, I have some baby duck photos, enjoy! I hope you enjoyed seeing these adorable ducklings! Here is a yt short of the ducks: Thanks for reading! 🙂 -Digital Wonders & Smiles


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