The Kodak SP360 4k

Hey all! Sorry for the delayed post today but once you see what I’ve been geeking out over, you’ll see why. Yesterday, I got this camera which I’m planning to use as an extra angle for concert recordings. I bought the PixPro Premier Pack for $99. So, here are the quick specs if you’re curious:

Specs + Features:
– This model of the camera launched at the end of 2015 (October-ish) for #349 USD
– $99 for this which includes an entire box of accessories. (1080p model is $73.86) NOTE: 3 days since ordering, the price went up to $125 but B&H still sells it at $99 rn.

– Features a CMOS 12.76 megapixel sensor (outputs 12.40 mp)
– The sensor is 0.850mm with a minimum focus of 50cm (closer than my Insta360)
– Still images are 8mp for full sized shots and lower depending on the crop.
– Video goes to 4k 30fps and does have up to 1440p in 60fps and 720p in 120fps.

– The camera has shocking webcam capabilities. While the preview isn’t anything special, if you take a photo via the webcam, it will automatically crop out to an ultrawide view and crop back in for the preview. Super cool and I love the thought put into that (this is using the ChromeOS camera, should work with any camera app)

– The camera connects over WIFI and has a Sony NFC chip so you can tap your phone to the camera and it will open the app. Unfortunately, due to OS changes in both Android and IOS, it cannot auto connect wifi and will come up with an error. They NFC chip is not writable either, so you can’t modify it and bypass the security.

The Orbit360 is the latest PixPro 360 model to my knowledge that is from 2018 and has a full 360 (without a second camera). One side of the camera matches this 4k model in specs but the other side is slightly lower resolution and not as wide. This camera launched at $499 but is now available for $130ish.

So, some of you may know that Kodak filed for Bankruptcy in 2012 yet I have a camera launched in 2015. Well, it turns that following the bankruptcy, in 2013, JK Imaging would announce their license to use the name of Kodak on their products and within just a few months of this (April 2013), JK Imaging would launch their PixPro AZ361 camera. This lineups latest release was in 2020. Later, in 2014, they would launch a pocket/underwater camera and a variety of other cameras. The lack of recent releases from JK Imaging definitely raises some eyebrows but posts like this show that even in 2022, the company is still launching products… even if it is clothing??

Now, I’ve had this for less than 24 hours and haven’t taken tons of photos. For fun, I do have these two:

KODAK Camera
KODAK Camera

As you can see, not mind-blowing quality, but my use case isn’t exactly for perfect quality.

I’ll probably play around with the camera some more since it is an incredibly cool and interesting device! For $99, it is a great camera for the price at a time when prices are high for everything. Hope you enjoyed and sorry for the late post!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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