OneRS 4k Cinematic

Hello all! It is another week and this week I finished my first mini-video shot on the Insta360 OneRS that I’ve been using, and I am pretty happy with it! Here is the video and I have some stuff I wanted to talk about regarding quality! Enjoy!

Okay, so now that you’ve watched the video… here are some things I noticed and wanted to point out! This camera sensor is horrible when it comes to shaking (if you look at RAW SD footage) but the amazing thing is that Flows Tate is literally magic. Take a look at this comparison:

Next, I wanted to look at some weird artifacts of this camera that I noticed. Because stabilization is using gyro and software, it is good enough to eliminate wobble with any computer rendering version but anything on the lens will still show the “wobble”

white dot that wobbles

Overall, I like how much detail the camera has… especially with subjects in the radius of a few feet. Weirdly, everything looks sharp up close in videos but in photos the focus doesn’t really adjust for closer subjects and leaves them out of focus.

The shooting modes are great and I have not gotten to use the 6k mode a lot. That mode looks awesome with improved sharpness and great stabilization but unfortunately I can’t export that footage with stabilization without the desktop app on windows… The other main shooting mode for video is HDR, which is fine but one of the clips in the stabilization video was shot using on it and you’ll see it is kind of noise with a lot of color noise. Yes, the HDR does improve the exposure balance but does have a noticeable quality drop and most of the time you are better off in the standard video mode.

That is all for this week though! Hope you enjoyed the cinematics!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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