Pictures from Perthshire

Hello all! Another week and some more photos from my trip to Scotland. Unfortunately, I almost had a disaster this week when I ran into an issue with my laptop and couldn’t run or access files from the photo editor I use. Luckily, I had the RAW (.dng) photos I took on my Pixel stored in a separate place and was able to edit them on a Raspberry Pi 400 with Manjaro and Darktable so you could see them today!

The first photos I have are some from Edinburgh where we got to do some shopping and walk through the city! Also, we visited a photography press exhibition which was very fascinating, the last photo in the gallery below is in the main Scottish parliament room!

Following the trip to Edinburgh, we went to Crail! Also, Crail is in Fife (not Perthshire) but Fife didn’t sound as good in the title πŸ˜….

We also went to Saint Andrews but I didn’t end up taking many photos on my phone (because of low battery), so here are the limited photos from Saint Andrews (more to come once I have access to my camera photos 😁):

Now, back in Perth, here are some photos of the landscape and a cool waterfall!

The final day, we visited Huntingtower castle! Here are some photos from around and within that!

Thanks for reading! One more photo of Perth before you go:

Okay, that’s all this week! Hopefully by next week I’ll have all my computer issues sorted and you’ll see some final photos from my camera! (also I can post some stuff to Instagram) Thanks again for reading! πŸ˜„

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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