Day 3-5 of My Trip to North Beach

Hey all! We are on to the 3rd day in North Beach and also a trip to Annapolis! I not only have the 3rd day but also the rest of the days following with photos of the bay, birds, sunsets, sunrises, boats, and more! I ended up accumulating a lot of photos, so you may see others on my other socials (twitter, instagram, imgur, photocrowd, etc.). Enjoy!

Day 3:
Today we began the day by going out for a walk and to see Koi fish at a nearby park! The fish were very cute and swarmed looking for food (despite a sign saying not to feed them 😂). Here are some of the photos from the waterfront and of the Sunrise Garden Park!

Next, we continued walking down the waterfront and I got some more photos of the piers and town!

After this (and lunch), we went on the 50ish minute drive down to Annapolis! Here are some photos I captured of the city!

That concludes day 3 of this trip! I did try to get some astrophotography shots but this is the light poluted sky 😦

Day 4!
Now, onto day 4! Today I unfortunately forgot to grab a battery for my camera, but my trusty Pixel 4a has a camera and I was still able to capture the coastal views and two lighthouses that we went to! We began by stopping for lunch at this small park where we were joined by this dragonfly:

From the park we went down to the first lighthouse!

Here is a link to a 360 photo from this light!

From here we went to the light near Solomons Island and explored the small island/town!

After this exploration, it was about dinnertime and we ended up staying for sunset at a pier restaurant!

The sunset was beautiful accross the water and I was definetly sad not to have my camera but have to say that ProShot on Google Pixels really makes me miss my camera less from the controls!

That concludes day #4!

Day 5:
Next to day 5! Today we walked along the waterfront! We also stopped to see some duck statues too. The cliffs by the water were massive and super cool to see!

Here is a 360 photo that is kinda broken apart from this walk!

In the afternoon I took some photos of passing boats using my gimbal…

Later on for dinner we went out to a small restaurant to eat and the sun had began setting over this marina. After checking for nearby parks we went to one that had an awesome view of the sunset. A helicopter flew by that knew the others at the park which was fun! Super fun end to the day

Day 6:
Today I did something amazing, I managed to wake up at 5:30 (way too early) and watched the spectacular sunrise!

That was really the main part of the day, you can see some sunset shots above as well. It was really hot so we didn’t really go anywhere.

Day 6:
This was the last full day and we went to the bird-watching boardwalk! There were some nests, flying birds and cool landscapes so enjoy:

Here are some final evening shots! The Encanto movie was showing at the beach which was cool and I saw part of it!

Here is a link to a 360 photo from this walk!

Day 7:
Here is one last photo of the bay!

And that is all! Thanks for reading! If you have time check out my cinematic vid of this trip here.


Thanks for reading!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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