Day 2 of My Trip to North Beach

Hey all! Today I have photos from my trip to North Beach last week! I covered the limited photos from Day 1 last week so here are more continuing on Day 2! I’ll have the camera the photo was taken on in the image caption! Enjoy!

Day 2:
Today we went on a walk on a marsh board walk!

Along the walk there were quite a few herons on the water! They were super cool to photograph. Here are more photos from the wallk…

You may notice these are from my EOS 250d which I did bring on the trip. I haven’t used it in a while from the weight (after surgery) and the quality of the EOS M but still do love the detail from the 250d. I am waiting for Magiclantern to arrive on the 250d and a new find of $350 was raised for the 100d (sl1) giving me hope for future use of this camera and improved quality from it. Definitely cr3 files are a nightmare to work with 😕

Here are a few final photos from the walk and into the evening on my Pixel.

Well, after all these photos I unfortunately am out of time to edit! More days from this trip are coming soon! Have a great week all!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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