An Abandoned Prison Through a Lens

Hey, heyo all! Another week and I have a post I’ve been pretty excited about! I went to an abandoned prison with my camera to capture some footage and photos of this phenomenal place!


Prison Backstory:
This prison (SCI Cresson) closed in 2013 as a prison but in 2016 was bought for $600,000 and since then has been slowly expanding as a hydroponics farm. The hydroponic farms are fairly small and they let people go around the prison with cameras and explore! It was a super cool place to visit and I have a ton of photos to share from this stunning place!
Background info from here and here.

So, this place was massive and really intriguing. The amount of broken glass was crazy (possibly from time between 2013 & 2016). The glass looked super cool so I was sure to take a lot of photos of it!

As you can see, there were lots of broken glass doors and caution tape spots. Anyways, let’s take a look at the prison some more!

Exterior Prison:
I got a few outdoor shots of the prison. Here is what it looked like:

Now that you’ve seen the exterior of the prison, you’ll hopefully see that this was MASSIVE! The grounds in total are 300 acres!!! Not all of it is open and not all of it is owned by the hydroponics company, but it helps show the shear scale of this prison.

Pixel Photos:
Before we move to the interior, I want to quickly mention what I focused on with the mobile photography (captions tell you camera vs phone). ProShot is a camera app I got a while ago and really love. I shot footage for the vid (scroll down for that) and all the photos with a .dng raw. This app used to struggle with video but after its recent video overhaul I LOVE it and actually prefer it to the $14 Filmic Pro! Anyways, wanted to mention that this is why the photos had a lot of control in white balance and exposure. šŸ˜€

So, let’s move into the interior because this is where I was able to really take tons of photos!

This was the first room that I took a photo in and

Pixel 4a

As you can see, the ceilings and walls were falling apart. This next photo is from a really interesting room with a desk but I loved how the light was shining through the windows! This was my capture:


In the hallway there were these alarms for the different floors:


This next room had a table and really cool window! The light shining through gave this super cool effect!

Oh, random side note. My mouse randomly stopped working while I was writing. It isn’t the battery šŸ˜„

Anyways! This next photo in the hallway area was my favorite photo I took on the trip:

Pixel 4a

This photo really emphiseses the amount of control ProShot gives. I was able to adjust the white balance basically to where it is now (minor post processing) live while taking the shot šŸ˜€.

Here are some more photos from the upstairs area!

This last photo was super interesting, it was a math workbook left in the prison:

Pixel 4a

These are some more photos of the smaller details I noticed:

Now, we moved up the attic which was filled with pipes and clutter.

As you can see from that last photo, the lighting was a bit harsh and hard to balance out.

Next, we went to the prison chapel:

Pixel 4a

There was also this piano which I got this quick (but bad) shot of quickly while no-one was around… I did get a short video which had less grain.

Pixel 4a

Next, we entered the cell blocks which were super cool:

The backrooms had an old boiler? (not really sure what it is) but here are the photos:

Now, into the final portion which is the hospital! The first photo is of the med pick-up spot.

Inside the hospital wing, there was this x-ray machine! (1st photo) It was super interesting to see some of the medical stuff used even until 2013!

That was the final room we saw before leaving! Here is one last photo I took before leaving!

Well, that is it for the photo side of things!

I also shot a lot of footage and combined it into this mildly creepy video! This is the first video with a lot of Magic Lantern footage from the EOS M and using ProShot for Pixel 4a shots! Video should be right below! Enjoy!

I want to thank you for the support on the last video that is approaching 100 views! Thank you! I want to note that unfortunately my channel will have ads because the music authors are rejecting the disputes on my channel. It is incredibly frustrating because Pixabay shouldn’t allow music like this on there as “royalty free” Pixabay licensed when the license is actually held by a different 3rd party. I have a 450 line document proving that I have free access to the music, but sadly appeals are more risky than disputes and I don’t want to get involved with that. It is an incredibly frustrating issue and I may license under upbeat in the future to get a definite strike clear to avoid you all seeing more ads then necessary.

This was an incredible place to visit and I really hope you enjoyed the photos and vid! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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  1. Really enjoyed seeing the pictures and video. You really captured the light and dark aspects of the prison beautifully, Thank you for sharing!

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