A New Video Editor

So, I switched to Chrome OS and now edit photos and videos entirely through Crosonti. I have edited with a few video editors and none of them are perfect. I liked OpenShot and still think it is decent especially with the Inkscape and Blender integration, but what if we look at just Blender. Well, I’ve tested it out and am pretty happy with it! So, I’m going to show off a mini edit in Blender to show you why this may be my main video editor going forward! Let’s get into it!

So, I have 4 clips in Blender! As you can see, pretty good file management and super straight forward! I shot all of these clips in FilmicPro on the Pixel 4a! I haven’t experimented with Filmic a ton and so I opened up Filmic and shot these clips in 2.7k 24fps.

So, I have the first clip in and ready to go!


I added a color modifier and boosted the saturation and multiplied it!

I am not going into anything too complex yet (masking, seamless transitions, etc.) since I want to get to know the program a bit better before looking into that. Especially since masking seems to function a lot differently to other editors. I added a simple fade by right clicking to go into my next clip. You can see the fade on the timeline there:

I did a few things just now… first, added the clip under the fade and made the transition to the next clip with an adjustment layer consisting of a glow and fade. This may sound complex, but it really isn’t… just a few layers of adjustment. I have to note that I really like the layering for colouring and effects, it makes it feel a bit like a photo editor layers and really nice to just easily remove a layer of edits.

I added 4 more clips to the library to use and inserted the next clip. I am actually super happy with how the clips transitioned here! I did some colour grading on this clip:

Next I did a fade to black into the next clip where I did some simple colour balancing:

I keyframed the brightness into the following clip where I again have some simple colour edits:

I used the add menu to add a x axis gaussian blur and fade into the next clip which is transitioning into the final few clips!

I added the next clip with some minor brightness and contrast adjustments:

Again, I used the contrast and brightness to keyframe a darker fade into this flower pan shot!

Now, I dialed up the brightness for the final transition into the last clip!

Super smooth edit and I’m pretty happy! I just need to render it out now! 🙂

I just have to add some music and got some from this super cool Pixabay person:
Music by ZakharValaha from Pixabay

And, that’s it! Rendered in MKV and all done!

Here is the finished vid!

Overall, I’m happy with the video. Some of the footage is shakier than I’d of liked, but overall good! I realized after filming the clips that Filmic was set to 24fps, which is fine… just not what I usually like to shoot at. Let me know what you thought down in the comments though!

Thanks for reading & watching!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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