EOS M Image Border

Hi All! I was going through photos that I had taken and discovered this:

The photos are surrounded by this pink border and what looks like trees on the bottom. It is a super weird thing that I would have to guess is from Magic Lantern. I did some searching, and discovered a thread on the Magic Lantern forum. Apparently, the solution if this is persistent is to reformat the sd card because your issues are likely sprouting from the card. I wasn’t too suprised to find out the cause of the issue.

I have Magic Lantern installed on a Sandisk Extreme Pro with supposed 150mbps speed, but I never can get more than 20. That is the exact reason why I use my Kingston SD card 80% of the time and want to buy more since I always get way better speeds.

Magic Lantern is super demanding on SD Card speeds, and I have seen on other forum pages from Magic Lantern that you can fry SD cards from this demanding software. In the forum screenshoted above, someone said that they were switching to the Sandisk Extreme Pro after having problems on other cards. Strangely enough, the forum has a lot of people talking about pink frames in recording, which I have not gotten.

Interestingly, the photo above was a bit worse off with very bad fringing. This is fixable though unlike the pink border covering most parts of this photo.

I decided to attempt to use the photos buggy border though and made this edit in glimpse.

I ended up only being able to use the JPEG due to the CR2 looking like this:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a result I was happy with so let me know in the comments what creative things you could do with the pink border.

This glitching occured to about half of my photos, but here are the normal photos that I captured.

Thanks so much for reading! On Monday I’m having surgery so have an awesome week and I’ll hopefully get something out on friday!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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