Winter Blending

Heya all! This week I have some photos to share, all from my continued experimentation with the EOS M! These are some photos from short walk/slide down an icy trail. At the end I have a blend of the photos, so be sure to stick around for that!

This is the first winter scene, which I ended up making very dramatic by overemphasizing the details and reflections with dehazing effects in camera raw.

Unfortunately, that photo was edited three times and the first lost file was the one I preferred. I went to export it through camera raw the first time, and it closed the image and reopening it didn’t save my previous edits. For that reason, I am going to continue in Glimpse (gimp distro).

This second winter photo has similar framing to the first one, with a lower angle. I am noticing that the 18-55 M Lens has more of a radial depth of field with more circular blur patterns. In Glimpse, I crushed the highlights and white point to remove an over exposed portion behind the leaf, it definitely seems to have data from the cr2 file. I added a more cyan blue tint to the photo, unlike the deeper blue tones from the first photo.

With this photo, I was testing out autofocus accuracy which did okay with this, but lack of dual pixel on the EOS M is unfortunate and causes some searching.

This photo I transformed into the photo below using some effects in Glimpse. This is a super cool effect and really added some depth to a rock face that didn’t really have the depth of a waterfall.

Here is the last photo:

This is a blend of six different photos of icicles! I thought it looked cool and wanted to share it!.

Thanks so much for reading! See you next week!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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