Animate Accelerate

Hello all! Today, I am going to be animating the new intro for Adobe Accelerate. My plan is to do this every ten episodes of the series, starting at #10! I am planning to try out a software called Magix to hopefully make it more custom than the intro I have used for the past 9 episodes!

A last look at the old intro…

Now, let’s get animating/designing.

Here is the software which, before downloading, neglected to make it clear it is only a trial with purchase available later on… for now, and the next seven days, I guess I can use it. 😂

So, here is what the software looks like:

I just made a new project and plugged in the series name.

I really like this font, so I think I’ll use this!

I next need to change this basic animation… I found the animation tab and there are a lot of options.

I changed some things around and already see a lot of limits in the software, unfortunately… I can’t have a custom animation feasibly. As well as changing the animation, I did get a new angle and boost to max fps (100).

I just changed the text colour and I think it is all really coming together!

With the addition of a small bevel, this is where we are at!

I realize that this could have been done entirely in Premiere, for next time I will try to find a better software…

These were my export settings:

I ended up exporting in AVI

So, this is what we have… A bit fast, but I could slow this down in post.

The intro is far from interesting, but I am going to do some work in Premiere so that it looks a lot better. Now, it is time to delete Magix and continue in Premiere. Not only do I not really need the software, it is outdated and likely not the best at what it offers. (also, it isn’t free)

Now, let’s go to premiere!

Premiere Portion:
I have my clips in Premiere of both the text graphic and an animation from Pixabay! Thank you, Oleg Gamulinskiy on Pixabay!

I slowed the graphic down by 34% to get it into 8 seconds. I then keyed out the black background of the text.

I added a few more things and got about what I wanted! This is just a rough example that I will probably change for the next ten episodes. I am planning to keep the text portion the same and maybe switch out the background.

I hope that you enjoyed! You will hopefully see an episode on Wednesday. If you haven’t seen the series, you can check a YouTube compilation here:

Have a wonderful Christmas for those who celebrate it and I hope that others continue to enjoy holiday festivities! Bye!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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