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Hello everyone! Today, oh today, it is time to talk about Google (๐Ÿ˜‡), more specifically: Android 12. Wow. Let’s get into it!

Android 12 is by far my favourite Android version. This is the smoothest UI ever, and you won’t realize it until you use it. Whenever I first saw Android 12 at Google IO, I genuinely didn’t like the dramatically big icons and large open spaces in the UI, but after using it for well over a month now (since Oct. 26th). So, let’s talk about why I love Android 12 through its features first:

Android 12 FEATURES:
The place to start is definitely going to be Material You colour. I mentioned this in a more abbreviated post a while ago, but I have discovered the depth in which this has been implemented and coded.

  • Material You:
    To the left, you are seeing Material You, the new level of AI software design incorporation. This will literally change everything from your notification bar to your app menu’s. I love this feature and this really unlocks a new era of customization. I have seen some new apps using this to customize even more of your phone already!
  • Scrolling Screenshots:
    hmm… what is up with this screenshot and the long phone??! This phone is edited to be abnormally long, and this screenshot was taken at this length in Android 12 with scrolling screenshots! This feature is super cool and useful!
  • Extra Dark Screen Dim:
    Have you ever wished that your bright phone screen was dimmer in the dark? If you are like me, you may have previously used a 3rd party app to do this. Now, this is an android feature found right in the notification bar.
  • You can also see the relocated device control panel here.
  • Internet & Mobile:
    I wanted to briefly bring up this internet menu. I’ve seen a lot of complaints that it is annoying to click once instead of the previous one click for wifi, but I honestly prefer that the quick settings bar have the internet and data in one place.

I love these AI improvements since they really make the user experience better.

  • Colour Correction:
    This is a new accessibility feature (one of four new ones) that allows colours to be adapted to people who are colour-blind or in situations like reading where you may not want colour.
  • Privacy Dots:
    This is a feature that is arguably taken from IOS (or in reverse), privacy dots. These are little green lights that pop up at the top right-hand corner of your screen to tell you when your camera and/or mic are in use. You also have the option to disable the camera and microphone completely in the notification quick settings.

  • Android Compute Core:
    Along with the many other privacy features I’m not really going to cover, the private compute core is another more major privacy feature. This is an Android isolation area, to keep things like live caption and camera and mic monitoring (for now playing & face orientation) away from the main OS in a more secure and isolated area. It is an open source part of Android which allows companies/developers to store their own data there.
  • New Phone Users:
    A more minor but still really cool feature is the ability for people with new phones to transfer their data wirelessly (what was previously done via an adapter Pixel phones had). This is very much so a quality-of-life change, but very welcome despite that.
  • No Install:
    Now, I haven’t tried this, but apparently Android 12 doesn’t fully install apps before it allows you to open them and lets you use the app while it finishes installing… I’ll have to check up on that one.
  • One Handed Mode:
    This is for sure my favourite Android 12 feature: One-handed mode. Once enabled, you swipe down from the bottom of the screen and it goes into a half screen mode like you see to the right here:
  • Face based Auto-Rotate:
    In settings, there is now a setting that uses the camera to look at your face and rotate the phone based on face position as well as from the gyroscope. It seems to improve the rotation, but doesn’t guarantee your phone won’t still rotate at a certain position.
  • Improved Swipe-Up Search
    In previous Android versions, this swipe up search just used Google data and overall app data. Now, in Android 12, it does a smarter search of your phone for files and within apps using in app searches too to get to things like settings quicker.

UI Overhaul:
So, those were all the major features in Android 12. There may be other smaller ones that I missed, but let’s now move onto this UI. This UI is totally overhauled with the new animations, vibrations, icons, etc. I LOVE this UI. I am going to be totally honest and say, at Google IO, I did not like how Android 12 looked. It wasn’t like there was anything wrong with the UI, I just wasn’t a fan of it at the time. Now, with it in my hand, I have gone the total other direction and have the opinion that this is the best looking version of Android.

TOP 3:
So, I am going to go through my quick top 3 UI design decisions:

  1. Widgets
    Android 12 Widgets look soooo good! I absolutely love their implementation and the customization they open up! Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t letting me upload photos, so here is a link to what I mean.

2. Scrolling Bounce
This is a pretty common feature on other OS’s, but having a bounce when scrolling
is just super satisfying! If you are confused, here is what I mean: scrollingscreen.

2. Power Animations:
When you power on and off on Android 12, your screen will flow to that point. Each
pixel individually turns off or on to the point that you press. Here is an example.


If you want to see some of this in video form, I have a top 5 features video on YouTube and Rumble!

Well, that is Android 12. Compared to Windows 11, these OS’s are on totally different ends of the quality scale. I really hope that you enjoyed reading/viewing/watching everything today!

Seeya next week!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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