A Half Dozen Photographs

Heyo everyone! It is Friday and time for another blog post! In this week’s post, I will be sharing a collection of photos that I have taken across the past few weeks! These are all going to be mobile photos since my computer is out of space. Also, I am exporting a 45-minute concert in Premiere so… it is super laggy writing this post, let alone running a processing large photos or using a photo editor. *laughing emoji*

Let’s get to some photos! (and explaining why I can’t use emoji’s)

Photo 1:

So, for this post, I am going to show you photos, and then do some talking. Like what I just did there!

Photo 2:

So, you may be wondering: why can’t I type emoji’s? Well, I “upgraded” to Windows 11 and even though it is considered to be “released”, it is missing SO MANY FEATURES. In this weird between stage, the old emoji keyboard isn’t even available. I don’t even know why they’d release a new OS version and remove features. That is just so strange! I will be talking at some point about this in depth and exactly what this OS upgrade even changes in a post a few weeks from now.

Photo 3:

On a different note, let’s talk some more about Android 12. I have had it for a bit more time now, and LOVE it. Every time I use my phone, I can’t help smiling at the new smooth animations. Unfortunately no camera updates have come yet, but it is likely going to be a part of the December Feature Drop. It seems that right now, the monthly updates are only security related. I hope that Google gets back to the more frequent feature upgrades, even though it is only a guarantee every quarter. I have also been able to enable some settings to test and some that I hadn’t used in past Android versions. I will cover this in a different post as well, I just really wanted to share my experience up to now.

Photo 4:

Just like the rest of this post, I am going to talk about another random thing! *laughing emoji*. Facebook may have messed up their strategy on renaming to “Meta”. A PC company called Meta PC has already applied to get the trademark on the name “Meta”. The question now is, who will actually get the trademark. I’m curious who you think will actually get this trademark, drop a comment!
Also, here is the link to the news article I saw rthis in:

Photo 5:

So, let’s talk about the Adobe suite for 2022. I am running the 2022 suite (since it automatically forced me onto it in the Windows update *laughing emoji*) and it is a bit like Windows 11 and that is buggy and frustrating. I am literally on my 12th attempt at exporting a 45-minute concert that right now I am only able to export in 1080p because it is already going to take 8 hours. It introduced new bugs that are, as always, super frustrating. The main one that ruined a whole 7 hours and 50 minutes of exporting was over the font at the very end of the concert that it couldn’t find source files for. I literally use these fonts all the time, there are source files, but Adobe can’t find them! These fonts work fine inside Premiere, but just seem to “hide” their source file when Premiere exports. Seriously considering DaVinci or Vegas right now, even for $500.

Photo 6:

That brings us to the end of the 6 photos and random info that went along with them, *laughing emoji*. Hopefully I did not rant too much!

Have a fantastic week all!


-Digital Wonders & Smiles

PS: I literally almost deleted this post before posting, thank goodness for WP recovery tools *laughing emoji*

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