Cool Captures!

Hello all! It is another week and I have some photos to share with you! Today’s post will consist of some photos I got while out hiking recently! Let’s see these photos!

Photo #1:
Today’s first photo is of a flower in the center of some heavy vignetting.

Photo #2:
This next photo is of the beautiful sun shining through this pine tree! In edits, I brought out the green and warm yellows from the sun!

Photo #3:
This next photo is of some goldenrod! There was a ton in this area and thought that it would look super cool with a foreground and background of flowers!

Photo #4
This photo was taken with a focus on the reeds with the lake stretching in the background! I added a warmish vignette to give it a sort of dreamy look!

Photo #5:
This next photo is similar to the one above in the sense of having a blurred landscape with a different focused foreground, but this time I think that there is a bit more emersion into the background since you can see more of it.

Photo #6:
This next photo is of the sun through the trees! We were trying to capture it before it went down.

Photo #7:
By the time we made it passed the trees, it had gone behind the mountain sadly.

Thank you so much for reading and enjoying! Let me know what you think in the comments, I’d love to hear from you! I also have an exciting post coming next Friday that I have been working on for quite a while now, so if you want to see that, be sure to follow!
Have a great week all!
-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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I am a photographer, writing a photography blog here on WordPress. I am based in the USA and take photos in my hometown. I also occasionally travel both domestically and internationally and write photoblog posts and make videos about these trips! On my blog, I cover everything from mobile photography to dslr photography to photography techniques for anyone!

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