First Impressions with the DJI RSC-2!!!

Hello everyone! Today, oh today, I have something SUPER exciting! I am going to show off the DJI Ronin SC2 (RSC-2)! This is not only my first every DJI product, but also my first gimbal! I can’t wait to show you all this fantastic gimbal that I have been using for the past two weeks! Without further ado, let me show you this incredible gimbal!


As always, let me start with the specs! DJI says that the gimbal is:
260×210×75 mm Folded and unfolded it is 400×185×175 mm.
– The max payload should be around 6.6 lb. This supports my DSLR just fine and, although not recommended, I did try it with the heavy telephoto 😂.
– The devices has awesome connectivity with 3 usbc ports at the top (for camera and accessories) and then another usbc port for charging lower down!
– It also has support for the newest version of Bluetooth (5.0) which is awesome for high quality and low latency connection!
– The battery should last 14 hours, and I’d say that that is pretty accurate in my uses. Maybe on the lesser end (10-12 maybe) because my camera is heavier than most.

– The gimbal can rotate 360° in all directions (pan, tilt, and roll). This is a bit less in continuous for some reason (likely to keep it stable).
– The device runs at 2.4 GHz which is super speedy and awesome!
– At the bottom you have a tripod mount for the included mini tripod and any other desired tripod which I may look into in the future.

So, those are the main specs for this gimbal! Now, how does this thing perform? Let’s talk!

Why have a Gimbal?
Okay, so a big question that is often debated is why do you need a gimbal? First, you don’t NEED a gimbal but by having a gimbal you can achieve shots that just aren’t possible by hand or are a LOT more difficult handheld. Gimbals provide smooth footage without you having to worry about staying too steady. Instead, you can focus on the shot and how it looks!


Now, capability wise: how is the video? Well, I have a video for you! Just check it out on your preferred video platform:
Just an FYI, even though YouTube normally has the better quality, Rumble was actually smoother for this video.

What I love!

This being the first DJI product I have owned, I was very surprised with the awesome quality from the handle texture, to the metal supports and buttons! This thing is awesome quality! I also love the consistency of using USBC for every aspect of the gimbal. That makes my life easier… until I realize that the EOS 250d doesn’t have USBC. WHY CANON 😂! Yeah, that is annoying but, the gimbal comes with the Micro USB to USBC which I will come back to in the “don’t love” part below.

A few final things that I love! The tripod is super useful. I love that it just screws on the bottom, but when the legs are in, they are used as an extension to the gimbal! Also, the focus and center buttons on the back! I love that you can adjust focus with the button, even without the manual focus accessory! It uses software and the autofocus to kinda emulate manual focus!

Oh! One more thing! That OLED screen is awesome! It is still really easy to navigate even without the touchscreen on this model!

If I had the raveneye add on, I could also see a live video feed on this little screen!

What I don’t love…
There really isn’t too much I don’t love, I just want to touch on some points in case you were in the market for buying right now. So, here is what isn’t perfect with the gimbal…

– First, to stabilize the camera, you have to do all these tiny adjustments, loosen the axis, move the axis, tighten it, and oh, it’s still not stable. It isn’t anything that I couldn’t get used too after time, I just think that it’s worth mentioning since the more expensive Ronin S2 is better in that regard since it has a different stabilization method.
– The other bad thing is the Micro USB cable. Now, most cameras don’t have a Micro USB anymore, but it is bigger and actually hits the side of the gimbal when shooting in certain positions. I did buy a flush cable that I have yet to try out. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Those were my two not so great things I needed to comment on!

I apologize for another short post but, as you can imagine, that short video took up quite a bit of my time! This is definitely not the last you’ll see of this gimbal! I am super excited for future videos, posts, and trips with this awesome device! I already have two upcoming blog posts planned with this gimbal so, you could follow to see those soon! (also, it makes me happy 😁😁😁).

Also, I want to quickly touch on this crazy week! We had the Canon EOS R3, the GoPro Hero 10, AND the iPhone 13!!! Oh yeah, also cool is the first tweet from @googlenexus in YEARS to get some media coverage on the Pixel 6 minutes before the Apple event 😂. I can’t wait to see what people create with the R3, Hero 10, iPhone 13, and Pixel 6 once that comes out!!! All super exciting stuff!

Have a fantastic week everyone!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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