Twenty Thumbnails

Heya all! In today’s post, I am going to show you twenty photos from a recent trip to a park! I am basing today’s post off of the definition of thumbnail, which is nail on a thumb… Joking 😂! No, it is actually the second definition and that is a small concise representation of, in our case, a collection of photos! These photos were all taken on my Pixel 4a. Let’s see some photos!


This first photo is of the lake and the wonderful clouds in the background! I love this lake because it really reflects the clouds in the smooth water!


This next photo is of the wildgrass. I remember right when I got my Pixel 4a taking photos of this same grass! I still can’t believe that by the end of this month it will have been a year with this device!


This was the perfect time to hike as the sun was setting above the little hill area!


This is the pathway right by the smaller dam! The sun is still on it’s way down!


Here is a photo from atop the smaller dam. I love how the clouds are very layered in the sky above!


This next photo was taken around the hill! The sun was shining through the trees and I thought it looked pretty cool!


Along this hill hike, I came across these flowers!


Also, some mushrooms!


Even though the sky is a bit blown out in this photo, I like how the sun shines on the grass in a warm tone!


I made it to the other dam!


Now, the rest of the photos were taken throughout the hike at random points! I saved my personal favourite photo to the very end!

20 and 21!

I actually have two favourite photos from this hike, so you all get an extra photo! Here they are below!

All of the photos today were edited in Polarr!


Thank you so much for taking a look at these photos! I apologize for the short and very rushed post! It is a very busy time of year! 😁

Have a great week!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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