Endless Exploration – Linux Love #1

Hey everyone! In today’s post, I am going to be using a Linux OS called Endless OS. Throughout this post, I am going to see if it is, for one, a good OS to use! Okay, without further ado, let’s get into today’s post!

About Endless OS:
Endless is an open source Linux OS! It is free to download and can be used along with windows.

Installing the Essentials:
Endless OS has an App Store where you can install apps as needed. I am running the Endless version without that many preinstalled apps so that I don’t fill up my computer and I can pick what I need and not have a plethora of apps that I don’t need.

The essential app I need for this blog post is a screenshot tool… The screenshot below was taken using “Flameshot”. It works well! Here is the app store.

Now for another essential app… A screen recorder. If I am going to look at photo editors, I want to have a good screen recorder. Although OBS is available, it not only is a large app, I have use it all the time. I decided to use a different recorder, and in this case I found Kooha.

While I wait for that to install, let’s see if the OS supports monitors! My mouse is working fine, so hopefully the same can be said for monitors. Yay! It does. It works perfectly! Here is one of those very long screenshots!

Okay, the recorder works! I have it in case I need it later! Before we put anymore apps on the OS, what apps did it come with?

Exploring the OS:

Here is the first screen on the home screen.
– First, we have an app called hack… Um… Despite the unfortunate naming, it is an app for kids to teach coding.
– Next along we have Google Chrome, and as you saw above, I am using it right now to write this post!
– We then have the files app, which I have been using to save some screenshots.
– We then have the office suite from Libre. Once we look more in-depth at these apps, I’ll tell you more about them.
– Then we have Facebook…
– Next, we have WhatsApp.
– A very old YouTube is there… That logo hasn’t been used for a long time.
– We then have a folder with two apps, the first app is the photos app, and the second is the video app.
– The next folder houses Duolingo in it.
– We have a folder with Twitter and Gmail in it… Not sure why Facebook and WhatsApp aren’t in there since they are social media’s as well…
– Then there is a music player and the app center.

Moving onto the next screen, we have a lot more apps.
– The first app is an archive manager (we’ll look at that soon)
– Next along, we have Brasero which seems to be a music editor and disk burning software.
– We then have a calculator.
– The computer also has Chromium, which is interesting since it also came with Chrome. It actually seems out of place to have Chrome considering it isn’t open source, whereas Chromium is. I am definitely not complaining though since Chrome is my go-to browser.
– We then have the clock app, a contact app, and two disk apps of sorts.
– Starting on the second row, there is a document scanning app… kinda surprising to have for laptops with bad cameras.
– To go along with the scanner, there is a document viewer and email service. Also in the suite is a fonts app and simple note’s app.
– There is a help app for Gnome and another technical app.
– Moving on, we have an image viewer (very handy).
– Next is a very important set of apps which is the Libre suite for docs, drawing, and more.
– There is also an information app that seems to give out messages about the OS like updated apps and other similar tasks.
– There is a parental control app so that you’re parents can spy on you.
– I am anxious to try out the next app which is a remote desktop. On Windows, I use the Chrome Remote desktop and that app is highly underrated, it’s probably one of my favourite apps from Google.
– There is a screenshot app preinstalled which I somehow totally missed earlier on.

Now, onto the next page!
– First off, we have a camera app.
– Next, there are the settings which are kinda important.
– There are two games here to, sidetrack and system. Kinda annoying to have them preinstalled.
– There is a System Monitoring app which, I will say, looks pretty good!
– The Terminal app is actually a coding app!
– Finally, you can see flameshot and kooha which are the two apps we installed above!

Looking at OS Apps:

Now, I want to try and look at as many preinstalled apps as possible! First let’s start with hack…
Hack: It seems like hack is just some sort of game sadly. I don’t really need it/want it, so let’s see if we can uninstall it.

I right-clicked on the app, and it took me to the app store where there is a perfect uninstall button! The game has 2 stars, and I see why. It doesn’t make sense to have it as the first app on the homescreen!

Chrome: Let’s breifly take a look at Chrome. You may be thinking, isn’t it just chrome? But, there are some differences from Windows. In the screenshot below, you can see that the search bar and everything at the top is smaller and more compact! I like it better this way, but it probably isn’t for everyone.

Files: The next app on the homescreen is the file’s app. Below you can see the app as well as what the notification pop-ups look like.

I plugged in my hard drive to see what it would look like. As you can see, it looks fairly clean, but I personally think that it would be better with a splash of colour and not just a grey, brown, and white theme.

Libre Writer: Next, we need to look at the document writer. Below, you can see my little test of the editor. It looks nice and is easy and intuitive to use!

Libre Calc: This is the Excel or Sheets equivalent in the Libre suite. Again, it works well. I haven’t at all looked into commands and stuff, but it works as far as I can see as a table software.

Libre Impress: Here is the slideshow maker called impress. It is pretty cool! I think that features like graphic libraries could be added, but overall it is cool and smooth to use!

Facebook & WhatsApp: The social apps literally just redirect you to the browser. I think that the devs could be clever and use web apps to make them different. Either way, I am just uninstalling them… Nevermind, I guess these can’t be uninstalled.

YouTube: Again, it just takes you to the browser.

Shotwell Photos: Now, here is where the fun really starts! This is not only a photo viewer similar to Windows Photos, it actually has editing functionality! We’ll be back to this very soon!

Video: Now, for the video app. I pressed the plus and it gave me an option to open a local vid or get one from the web. I inserted the Trip to Port Clinton Video on YouTube

I am not sure what I expected, but it is literally just a video player. I am not really sure for what purpose is for playing web video. The download button is greyed out. It seems like a functional video viewer for localy stored vids though!

FYI, I am skipping over some apps that aren’t super important or are already self explanitory.

Brasero: Now, this looks pretty intriguing. I will look at this more in depth soon in the video editing section, but it seems there is a video editor of some sort. Not sure to what degree it goes to.

Data Usage: This next app shows you how much storage is left. This gives me an opportunity to see more of how the OS functions alongside windows. I have 6gb to use on this OS, but on Windows, I still have access to around 100gb! As you can see, I also have my hard-drive plugged in, and it is about halfway full.

Disks: I want to note that the disks app does a similar thing but shows more info.

Scanner: Now, I shouldn’t be surprised I can’t use the webcam to scan, I just thought that this app would have some sort of scanning through the webcam. Sadly, it is just a bridging app to connect to scanners.

Htop: I don’t know why I thought I’d be able to read this, but it is total gibberish to me. I don’t understand the tasks and uptime though since they are on Windows too… Other than that, I am totally lost on this one.

Libre: There is a LibreOffice hub of sorts where you can see all documents and open them. I won’t look at every office program, so you can see the list of the suite in the create section of the screenshot.

Parental Controls: If you’re wondering what is in the parental control app, here is your answer below:

Remote Desktop: I didn’t realize, but the remote desktop is for connecting to other computers and not phones.

Selfie: This is the camera app. It is okay, doesn’t make my laptop camera look any better but, it does the job. It comes with filters which is more than what teh windows camera has.

Settings: Now, for a very important app. Here is the settings app. I am genuinly suprised at how much stuff is in here. Anything from touchpad customization to account management!

This is the funniest thing in the settings that I have found… Somehow, the OS things that I can run 120fps on screens that only support 60fps.

I uninstalled two more games and am ready for the last few preinstalled apps!

System Monitor: The first of the final two apps is the system monitor. As you can see, the computer is running very smoothly, which is very apparent from even writing this blog post! I love how smooth it is!

Terminal: The termial app is getting into some stuff that is beyond me allowing you to modify the OS with code. From what I know, you can do anything from add a directory to changing parts of the OS. Now, things are limited on Endless since it is based on Debian. That means huge parts of the OS can’t be heavily modified through this app unlike other Linux OS’s.

Photo Editing:

I am super excited to look into photo and video editing capabilities of the OS, but that will be in a future post in this Linux Love series!

I am super excited to look at more Linux OS’s in the future, and continue to look at this one in a future post! Linux OS’s are often forgotten about and even though Chrome OS is the second most popular OS in the world right now, most people are just using it for school since it is a common and great OS for school’s but, most people forget that it is based on Linux. It is super cool to see one of the many Linux OS’s and I certainly have plans for methods of getting other OS’s! Be sure to follow if you are excited for this upcoming series and I’ll see you next week!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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