My Trip to Lake Erie

Hey everyone! In today’s post, I am going to be travelling to Port Clinton, Ohio and the surrounding Lake Erie area! Okay, let’s get travelling!

Before we start the travel blog, you can also watch a video version of this post. I include footage of the trip and different photos than what you’ll see here! You can check that out on either YouTube or Rumble! Enjoy!

Day 1:

I just arrived in Port Clinton around 2pm and had a delicious lunch! The town is pretty cool! There is a beautiful harbour and a very nice downtown! I also went for a stroll around the town and harbour! Here are some photos from that:

I blurred out that fish in the third photo since it was kinda gory. 😂 As you can see, the town is beautiful! I am now down by the water and have some photos to share at the shore!

Here is a sunset photo to finish off today!


Day 2:
Goodmorning all! It is day 2 and now is when all the fun starts! Today I am going to visit the lighthouse and maybe go hiking! On my way out, I actually came across these mayflies all over the house and deck!

Okay, the first stop today is the lighthouse! Here is the lighthouse!

I climbed the lighthouse and took lots of photos from the top! That last photo was used in the video in what I think is a cool way! Some of you may recognize this next photo…

This was part of last week’s Adobe Accelerate episode!

Here is a look at the lighthouse before I head off! My next stop was for lunch and after picking up some Quiché from a cafe, I ate at Lake Point Park!

Those are some shots that I captured at the park. It was fairly small, but perfect for lunch and a short walk! Next, I went to East Harbor State Park! Here are a few photos that I shot there!

To finish off today, I went to dinner at a small resort and went along the beach afterward!

Well, after a beautiful sunset, it is time to say goodnight everyone!

Day 3:
It is day 3 of this wonderful trip! Today we are going to one of the islands on the lake! Here are some photos from the ferry ride to Kelleys Island!

Once we got off the ferry, we walked to town! Along the way, there was a pretty interesting landmark: Inscription Rock! Here are a few photos of it!

We had some lunch and then rented a golf cart to explore the island! Here is a gallery of the ride around the island!

After a small bit of riding, we have arrived at our next spot! We are at the Glacial Groove! This formed, you guessed it, from glaciers on rocks! It makes a pretty interesting rock!

After leaving the Glacial Rock, we went to a camp area to walk a bit! There was this pier that we went out on! I walked out on the pier and took some photos!

We then went for a longer walk through Kelley’s Island State Park!

Also, you see above the photo that Google Photos auto-edited!

After leaving the park, and missing the ferry, there was an extra 2 hours to spare! We ended up staying for dinner! Here are some shots from after dinner and the walk back to the ferry!

Now, here are some photos from the ferry ride home!

Here we are, docked and ready to end off the day! Not before some last photos of the sunset, though!

Day 4:

Goodmorning all! It’s Wednesday, and today we are going to be going to the drive through African Safari Wildlife park! In a bit, we’ll also go to the walk through part!

After having a ton of fun feeding the animals in the drive through section, the car was filthy from animal slobber and food! We went to the walk through portion next!

Those were some of my favourite shots from the walk through section! I want to share something very embarrassing. The tortoises were doing something when we came to the exhibit and… I’ll leave it at the fact, I would never share it online…

Now, the last exhibit was the birds. Basically, you go in with food and these budgies land all over you! It was super fun and here are some photos from that!

After an incredible time at the park! We went up to a park for a late lunch, and had Quiché from the same cafe as earlier in the week! Here are a few photos from Catawba State Park!

Now, it is time for some dinner and final sunset photos for the day!

Day 5:
Wow! It’s day 5, sadly the last full day here in the Lake Erie area. Today you are coming along to venture to the other main island in the area! We are going to South Bass Island! Here are some photos of the ferry ride there!

Upon arriving, we got a golf cart again and headed to the International Peace Memorial, which is the main attraction on the island!

We are about to climb that! Okay, not actually. They now have an elevator a bit of the way up to take you! Now, let’s go up! Here are my shots of the building and from the top!

We came down after a while up there and here are some photos that I got from the ground!

After having a ton of fun here, we rode the golf cart down to get lunch and afterwards a butterfly house on the island!

It was super cool to see these incredible creatures and take photos of them up close!

Funny story… after leaving the car park of the butterfly house, the keys just fell out of the golf cart ignition and this golf cart just kept on going, so I had to get the key from under the pedal while we were on the road! 😂

We stopped at South Bass Island State Park for a walk and also the small island lighthouse before leaving. Here are a few last photos of the island!

And here are the final photos of the day on the way back to Port Clinton!

Now, one last Goodnight for this trip!

Day 6:
It is the final day, and I am just about ready to leave! Before going though… I do need a coffee!

Now, here are the final photos of Port Clinton:

Goodbye, Lake Erie!

Thank you SO much for reading today’s post! Leaving a like and even following for futer travel blogs like this would mean the absolute world to me!

I took a TON more photos that didn’t make it into either the post or video that I will share in upcoming posts here and on other platforms! Not only could I not get all these photos into this post, my computer only has a few gigs of storage left, and also each photo has been taking around 5 minutes to upload and considering all the photos in this post… yeah, it’s 1 AM.

One more thing… I think that it is very important for posts that take as long as this one did, I need to make sure I have protection in place for my work. All photos in this post do belong to me but if you would like to share the photos, you can do so with some sort of attribution to me. Thank you!!!

My Trip to Lake Erie! by Digital Wonders & Smiles is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

Since it is getting well past 1 AM and I am late for posting this blog post, I am going to say goodbye and goodnight from home this time and post this blog! Goodnight and goodbye, I’ll see you next week! (or on Wednesday for Adobe Accelerate)

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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