A Glimpse of the Future

Hello everyone! In today’s post, we are taking a look at something that I just haven’t been able to keep my mind off of… the Glimpse photo editor.

What is Glimpse?
It is a free, open source, community driven, cross-platform, fast, powerful, photo editor! Over the past two weeks, I have been using this photo editor and I can honestly say that I absolutely love it! I want to make note that the Glimpse project is currently no longer being developed. You may be wondering, why am I writing about an editor that isn’t being developed? I am for one hoping that the project can continue in the future and since it is open source, it likely will by someone!

I mentioned that Glimpse is cross-platform… Sadly for my mac users, it isn’t available for you… The idea of the editor is it works with all Linux builds. That includes Ubuntu, Fedora, Endless OS, Chrome OS, Red Hat, Mint, Open SUSE, Arch, Debian, Cent OS, Gentoo, Kubuntu, Solus, Alpine, Megeia, Pop!, Elementry, Raspberry Pi OS, Clear, Void, NixOS, Pure OS, Sulin OS, Ataraxia, Zorin, Deepin, Pardus, and Pisi GNU. So, although it doesn’t work on Mac, their download page says that you can get Seashore, which is just an older version of the same project. Before the project development ended, they were looking into using HomeBrew to provide Glimpse for Mac OS, so possibly in the future a developer will make it available. The next version of Glimpse may be Glimpse NX and will instead use Rust codebase to improve development, but again… that all depends on future development and developers working on the project. You can get the Linux builds via either the Snapcraft store or the Flathub appstore. One more thing is that you can install a plugin to make workflow more like Photoshop if you would like.

If you want to know a bit more about the concept of Glimpse, I found a blog post for you! Just click anywhere around here.

How does Glimpse work?
It is based on Gimp which is very apparent throughout the editor. It is definitely different though, the UI is a lot more comprehensive.

Let’s Edit!
Okay, my plan is to show you this editor as much as I can. First, I need to pick out some base photos! Here are the three that I picked out!

I just brought the first photo into the editor! You can see in the screenshot the basic layout of the editor! Some th8ings may be different from your screen if you are following along, and that is because I have been using this editor, so tools may be set differently.

I just started the edit by going into the color tab. I am going to start adjusting the color balance…

Just like most editors, you are able to adjust the midtones, shadows, and highlights all separately. I just started with the midtones:

I just did the highlights and brought in a bit of blue into the background and brightened up the green tones!

I don’t think the shadows need anything, so I will leave them for now. By now you certainly see that the editor has a lot of features from Gimp, just in a different skin.

I am moving onto the shadows and highlights. Here are the edits that I did…

Now, I want to add vignette, and luckily it is similar to photoshop… This is certainly a good and bad thing, since I never do vignette correct on the first try in Photoshop.

I used the elliptical select to get the vignette where I wanted it and now I just go to levels.

Wait… Don’t forget to select the inverse! 😂 Just do “CRTL I” on the selection! Okay, mistakes aside, here is one thing that I noticed about the editor… The feather feature isn’t the greatest, and You can’t really feather a vignette that much.

Now, something that I really like is the blur tool! It is super nice and I think that it is one of the nicest in any of the editors I have checked out!

I used the blur tool to smooth out the rough vignette and I think that it definitely helped a bit.

I did an auto colour enhance and it did some minor brightening to the flower’s petals. I like how it isn’t too rigorous in auto.

Although I am not keeping this, It is definitely worth showing off the lens flare. I wish there were some more options, but, It looks okay. (not with this photo, of course.)

Another cool thing is the 3d transform, it is similar to Photoscape X’s transform.

Now, I wan’t to do a triple exposure… similar to what I did in this weeks Adobe Accelerate episode… I am going to do the color adjustments to the next photo and then try combining the photos.

While… I would do that if I didn’t just loose the file. I’ll try to get the photo back to where it was and be back…

I am back, this time with a saved copy! I just opened the photo as a new layer to begin editing it!

Just like with the last photo, I will start with the color balance. These are the settings that I used:

I now have the color temperature set!

I think that I will use the lasso tool to get the flower off of the brick background. Maybe not… I actually think that using an overlay setting may work better. You see, if I switch to overlay, the brick gives some texture, but I still have the flower…

I moved using the move tool and then pressed R to open the rotation panel. Now I am going to rotate it and move it to the side.

I think that here should work well! Just in the corner leaving room for the other flower.

I do notice something odd though… There is a second copy of the flower in the center which I don’t like… I am going to see if I can get rid of that. It may be a bug though…
Ah! The rotate tool duplicates the layer that you are rotating! It happens every time… I am just going to make sure that it does not show up.

I figured it out! If I lasso it to a new layer and then set that layer as an overlay, this is what I get! Not perfect, but I can touch it up!

Now I can use the eraser tool to get rid of the imperfections and the blur tool to smooth it out! Here is the photo that I have now!

I don’t know how those dark spots appeared, but I’ll quickly get them lightened up:

After a small bit of lightening, It is time to add the next and final photo to this exposure set!

I just imported it and now I am ready to work. I’ll do some small adjustments and be right back! This is what I have now:

I just did some color balance and shadow/highlight work. Now let’s overlay it! I lassoed it down to remove the background…

Now I’ll finish the job manually…

After a bit of work, I got it down to just the flower with some leaves!

Now let’s export! Here are my export settings if you are interested. I love how the export works in Glimpse!

Here it is! The final result:

One critique that I have already is that I could have made the colours more interesting… I always critique edits and that is how I try to improve for next time.

Thank you so much for reading today’s post! To download the editor and learn more, click here! I really enjoy this editor, especially how fast it is. It is incredible to have a powerful editor that runs so smoothly. Photoshop takes way too long to open up and then import and then editing is slow, but Glimpse is definitely nicer for load speeds! There is one more thing I want to tell you before you go!

The blog is now upgraded to WordPress.com Premium! You may have noticed the new domain digitalwondersandsmiles.com! You also shouldn’t see any ads either! Thanks so much for your support and making this happen!

Let me know in the comments what you think of the edit and editor and I will see you again next week!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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    1. Yeah, I certainly wish that the “cross platform” motto on their site was really for everyone. It is certainly great to have it for Linux users, but they should definitely have an up-to-date version for Mac users. The Seashore version is definitely a lacking solution and outdated. Hopefully development starts back up by someone for the future, even if it isn’t the previous devs…

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