Canon’s Least Expensive Lens

Hello everyone! This week, I am going to talk about the INCREDIBLE lens from Canon that costs $125! This lens outperforms my more expensive lenses and in this post, I am going to tell you all about it! As always, if you enjoy the post, following the blog would be incredible, and you also won’t miss my posts that come every Friday!


To start off, what are the specs for this lens?
This lens, the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II has…

  • a fixed 50mm focal length
  • an EF mount
  • an ultrasonic motor with both manual and autofocus.
  • it can open it up to an incredible f/1.8 aperture!
  • and it weighs 130g.

The lens is perfect if you want a great blur for portraits or even full focus for landscapes! On the camera it is pretty small and is actually the smallest lens that I own. There is a lot that I want to say about this lens, so I’ll have sections marked in bold so that if you want, you can skip around!


So, this is a 50mm lens and the lens is priced in a price range that is extremely competitive! You can even get lenses that are less expensive than this one, what does this mean? This lens needs to be great. Is it?

With the 50mm, you will get awesome portraits with no major compromises! The blur looks natural. It fits on with the EF mount (the red mount) and because of this you know that it has no stabilization but… do you need it? I’ll talk about that a bit more later on.


The lens uses an ultrasonic motor, and what that does, it makes the focus adjust to fit the shooting situation. In a landscape photo you want things in focus, so the lens adjusts to that and when that happens, the lens expands. The opposite will happen if you want a portrait, the lens will stay nice and small to get that wonderful blur.


The aperture opens up more than any of my other lenses! Yeah, it is the least expensive lens that I own, and it is the best for keeping those shadows noise free and the night skies pretty! Kinda crazy, right? Now let’s see how those photos look!


This lens takes pretty sweet photos, as you will see below! I do want to note that, as always for lens reviews, these photos are unedited.

This first photo has some white flowers, and you can see the shadow is very smooth. I was pretty close to the flower, so the focus point is right around the center of that lower flower.

This next photo was taken in a much brighter situation. The focus point is on that yellow center of the flower. You may notice that as soon as you get away from the center of the flower, things get softer. The raindrops are not very detailed, but I personally think that I could probably fix that in edits. I do want to note that in some situations, this softer focus may not be fixable in an editor.

I think that this photo came out really well! There are some things I would definitely fix if I was editing these photos, but I think that it looks decent overall!

Here is another simple photo that shows off the focal range. Parts of the grass are in focus and parts are not.

The photo above was cropped in, so some details were lost. I took this photo before switching to my telephoto lens to get some better close-ups.


I also got to test video capabilities of the lens which I don’t often get to do! I have the video link below:

Is it good?

I think that overall this lens is awesome! The footage/shots right from the camera may need to be touched up a bit more than from other lenses (if you are into lenses). The way this lens handles shadows though is fantastic! This is my go-to lens for shots in the dark. For $125, this lens is truly phenomenal!


Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what lens you use for portraits in the comments down below!

If you are interested in something new, I just launched a series on Behance called “Adobe Accelerate”! Check out the first post & episode by clicking here!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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I am a photographer, writing a photography blog here on WordPress. I am based in the USA and take photos in my hometown. I also occasionally travel both domestically and internationally and write photoblog posts and make videos about these trips! On my blog, I cover everything from mobile photography to dslr photography to photography techniques for anyone!

5 thoughts on “Canon’s Least Expensive Lens

  1. The video is great, it shows the capability for video, very nice. I thought about a 50mm recently for my Nikon, I don’t like using the 24/70mm all the time, it’s bulky.

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      1. I agree. I actually purchased a 50mm today at my favorite camera shop here, I love it! I grabbed a few photos but will try it in the desert for landscapes soon. So different from using a telephoto lens.

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