My Trip to Chincoteague Island!

Hello everyone! Today, I have a type of blog post that I have been waiting to write for a long, long time! It is time for a travel blog post! I LOVE to travel, and just like a lot of others who love travelling, the pandemic has put all travel plans on hold. Now that I am vaccinated, I was able to travel to Chincoteague, Virginia and in this blog post, I am going to share what I did, and the photos that I took!


Before I get started, If you want to see my adventure in video form, I uploaded a video onto Rumble! It includes some different things to what is in this post as well! You can check it out using the button below!

Day 1:

Just like all trips begin, you have to travel. It was just a 6-hour car ride to get there, and along the way I took some photos of what went by!

A very well known bridge that is on the way is Bay Bridge, Maryland. If you haven’t heard of it, the bridge is 4.35 Miles (7 KM) long. It stretches across the Chesapeake Bay (hence the name) between Stevensville and Annapolis.

There were no other major landmarks on the way to the Island, so I just put together a small gallery of photos that I took on the way.

After a while of driving, I was almost in Chincoteague. To get into Chincoteague, you drive on Wallops island where there is a NASA facility. I took some photos while I went across the island.

Finally, I entered Chincoteague! I got to take my first photos of the beautiful landscape and wildlife as it went by! I also got my first look at the lighthouse!

Then, since there was some extra time, I rode around the wildlife loop in Assateague (the neighbouring island).

After the wonderful ride/photoshoot, I made it to the rental house! There were ducks that had taken up residence in the garden! 😂

After snapping a photo of some geese, I settled down for the night. Goodnight!

Day 2:

Goodmorning! Today, I am going to go biking on the Wildlife loop and through town! I made it to town and rented the bikes. It was right by the trail into assateague.

As I rode, I stopped and took photos of the wildlife!

Okay, this next photo needs a bit of backstory. When I was younger, I got bitten by a ghost crab in Chincoteague. After the bike ride to the beach… There was a ghost crab sitting by the entrance to the beach, as if it was waiting for me! I am now truly terrified of these creatures! 😂

Here is one of my first photos of the waves in over a year and a half! I have been so excited for this, for so long!

After a fun morning, I went and had some Pizza for lunch!

Here is a gallery of today’s best shots:

That was all that I did today!

Day 3:

Hello! I am actually writing this part of the post on the morning of day 3. I am importing the photos from yesterday and am very concerned about the space on my SD card…

As you can see… Not good.

I really don’t know what I should do… I think that I could maybe get a card in town, but saying that, the town is absolutely tiny! I will update you later and hopefully have some good news!

Well… It has been 3 hours since I wrote the section above, and I had a fall. I hit my knee and it hurts a ton. I guess I don’t have to worry about storage space if I can’t walk. 😂 I am sitting here with ice on it. Not entirely sure what I’ll get to do today; I will update you later!

Later… Well! I am back, and I got to go to the beach at the end of today! I took more photos of the wildlife which I will show below! I also did a ton of editing today! Kind of nice to get caught up on edits. 😊

These were the photos that I got today! My knee does feel pretty bad, but I am hoping that I can do more tomorrow.

Day 4:

Gooooooood morning! Today I am hoping to get back on a bike… This may be an absolutely terrible idea, but I do want to try! Also, I offloaded those photos onto my laptop for now. I will get them onto a hard-drive soon, but as a temporary solution, this works.

I was able to do it! 🥳 I biked for a while down a road to hopefully see some Chincoteague Ponies. Sadly I did not, but I did get some wonderful photos! Below, I have another gallery for the photos this morning!

This afternoon, I have been luckier with the Ponies though! I went on a boat ride and saw Ponies just a few minutes into the ride! I was able to get fairly close with my telephoto lens, but the Ponies were quite far inland. Here are my shots of the Ponies and the boat ride overall:

What an incredible day for photography! I do want to quickly mention something that I now am noticing: The photos seem to have some haze of some sort, and I now realize that it is gas fumes from the boat. I didn’t realize that the photos were picking it up, and I did try to filter out those photos. I just thought that it would be worth mentioning.

Well! I will be back tomorrow! Goodnight all!

Day 5:

Hey everyone! Another fabulous day! Today it is supposed to be quite rainy 😢. I am hoping that it won’t be too bad! I am going to go to the lighthouse and other than that, I have no things planned.

I am back from seeing the lighthouse with another stop to the beach! I got this photo of an adorable squirrel in the trees!

Here is my gallery of the lighthouse up close and a few beach shots!

This afternoon, I played some minigolf and did some more editing! This evening, I am going to go and see the sunset. I picked a bad day to do this, since it is super cloudy.

I was able to see a tiny sunset! Also, I saw the lighthouse shining in the darkness. Sorry for the grain in these shots, I didn’t have a tripod to do a longer exposure! I might try to see the sunset again in the next few days!

Well, that is it for today! I’ll be back tomorrow!

Day 6:

Hello all! I am back! It is a cloudy and rainy morning today. Hoping to get some better weather soon! I am planning to go to the beach and hopefully see a great sunset!

Here are the photos I captured at the beach today! I thought that the first photo was kind of funny, since Google just bought that photo of a seagull eating a French frie.

This evening I am going out to the beach again in hopes of seeing a better sunset!

The sunset was INCREDIBLE today! Here are some of the photos that I took!

That was so incredible to see! Tomorrow is going to be the last day though, but I definitely want to make the most of it!

Day 7:

Hello all! It is another day and this morning, I woke up to see the beautiful sunrise! I am not a morning person, and if you see the video on Rumble, you will for sure see from how shaky the camera was. 😂

Below you will hopefully see some photos of the sunrise, WordPress is being kind of glitchy right now…

This morning I went biking at took more photos! My knee doesn’t hurt as bad on a bike which is good! I also saw the Ponies one last time today!

This afternoon, I went back to the beach for the last time!

As you can see, the sun began setting and that concluded the final day in Chincoteague!


This trip was so, so much fun! I really cannot wait to travel more in the future! I really hope that you enjoyed this post! I would love to know what your favourite travel spot is in the comments! Also, if you have any upcoming travel plans, I’d also love to know!

Thank you so much for reading! I will see you again next week!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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