Editing In Premiere Pro

Hey everyone! I have a huge problem… I am not great at video editing. Now, yes, I can do basic edits, but as soon as I open Premiere Pro I get overwhelmed. In this post, I hope to change this! I may not be a master video editor by the end, but I will hopefully be better than before.

Learning & Testing:

I got Premiere Pro recently after getting Photoshop, and I have spent the past few weeks working with it. I have found where the edits from Premiere Elements are, which is a great start, but I need to learn what some of this other complicated stuff does. 😂

I imported my clips into the library, it came out to be 39 clips. I should have most of the clips needed to make this video! I know that the top bar is where you add different things and edit specific parts of the video (graphics, audio stuff, etc.)

I got my first clip imported to test some of this stuff out! I am going to remove the audio so that I can focus on the video and just add music on top later on. Okay, so I couldn’t figure out how to delete the audio, but I did mute audio track 1…

I am going to test out using the colour edits now… I want to make it a bit more saturated/vibrant.
I just increased the vibrancy and saturation and got this:

I just tried out some more basic edits! Now I want to make the footage look a bit more stable. I shook a bit in this shot coming down. I am also thinking that I may have made it a bit too saturated… I’ll go back after the stabilization is done and fix that.

I had to restart from scratch because of the stabilization, but now, I have the clip colour where I want it. I will restabilize it as well.

Okay, I think I have a handle on some basic stuff, now I think that it is time to move on to the rest of the video.

Main Edits:

I imported my next clip of the adorable bunny! I did some minor colour edits to bring out those greens. Also, I added a fuji filter that darkened up some shadows and did some other nice stuff too!

Okay, so I have two clips in the timeline now, which means I want a transition… I don’t want these clips to be linked with a quick cut, so I want to see some transition options.
I went through some of them and ended u liking this VR Zoom. I stopped the transition in the middle, so you can see the effect… I might end up switching this, but right now I think it is nice.

I have another clip of this rabbit imported! Again, I did the colour edits and got it to where I want it. For this clip, I put it in a different timeline slot by accident, so I am hoping that I don’t need to move it for the transition…

I ended up using this cool transition that fades the clip and has a light ripple across the clips. This transition is likely to stay!

I am realizing that I should probably import some music since I want to have the clips match the music.
Okay, quick update… I have been searching through Pixabay and am really struggling to find any music that fits for this video. I found out that there is music in Premiere that is supposed to be Royalty free. Apparently there are sometimes copyright issues on video hosting sites, but… For one, I don’t think that Rumble is strict and two, the problems seem to be with YouTube monetization, and I don’t monetize the videos for Rumble. I will search for a song and hopefully be back once I find one.

It has been a pretty long time, but I finally found the song that I want. The Adobe Stock library is very expansive! So, so, many songs! I decided on a song called “Nature”.

Now that I have the music sorted, I just lined it up with the clips to how I want them with the music! Now, I can add more clips to the vid!

I did some colour edits on this next clip and am thinking that it could do with some added stabilization. When I zoom out from the bunny, I moved the camera a bit…

Okay, I added the stabilization and also a transition! Now I will move to the next clip!

For this next clip I did some similar color edits but the way ths sun is made this clip look a bit darker…

Okay, I have decided that to make up for the shadows, I will add a filter to lighten up the photo and make it look a bit more like the last clip.

Oh great, a bug… The filter screen disappeared and I can’t change the filters!

This isn’t good…

I’m back! I took a break after this crash, and it is now the next day! I am hoping that things will go smoother, but am definitely not putting money on it.

I ended off yesterday with that bug where I wanted to add a filter. It works now, and I put on another fuji filter again. On top of that, I brightened the shadows so that it wasn’t as contrasty as before.

I got the next clip lined up, and I immediately want to set off a shake reduction. I think that shake reduction can do some really weird stuff when you change focus, but I think it makes zooming in look sooo much smoother.

While the shake reduction does its thing, I am going to look through the video and think about the transitions for the clips. I added a zoom transition earlier to the 3-4th clip and I really don’t like it. I am going to search through some transitions and hopefully find a better one!

I added a spherical blur and changed those colour edits on the third clip. I think that this matches a bit more. To help really make clips match, I added some fade to all the clips. I think it looks good for now, I can always go back if it doesn’t quite fit!

The very first clip doesn’t fit either, but I think it is okay since I am transitioning from the shout of the mountains down to a flower into a bunny with a sunset. They were shot at totally different times, which makes this a lot harder…

I am going to render the clips since they aren’t playing very smoothly.

While these clips render, I am going to hunt down some music for future videos. I had a ton of trouble for this video and actually just saw an ad for a new free stock music site which I am going to check out!

Okay, after ten minutes or so, the clips are rendered in! Seeing that green stripe is sooo satisfying! Anyways, I have seen a few things that I want to do later on in this edit:

  • Add graphics (lens flare, light leak, etc.)
  • Transitions, I didn’t do all of them yet.

I will start with the transitions, since that will be easier. The first transition is this clip. It goes from this rabbit shot that you see into grass. I think that this could be A LOT smoother. Right now I am thinking a fade effect, but I am hoping to find something better.

Okay, me being the indecisive person that I am took way to long deciding on transitions. I finally decided on a simple cross-fade… Yes, my original idea for the transition.

For the next transition, I decided on a gradient wipe… I wish it was a bit cleaner, but I think that it fades to the next clip decently well.

I added the next clip and a cross dissolve transition. Again, the transition isn’t seamless, but it works.

I added the final clip of this adult rabbit, because I have some clips of baby rabbits!

Yes, so about those baby rabbits! The clips that I just finished editing were from the previous day of this next clip. Before both of these clips, it had been weeks since I had seen these rabbits. I guess we know where they went! 👀😂

Anyways, these are probably the most adorable rabbits that I’ve ever seen!

I imported the two clips and added the transitions and stabilization to the first clip. Now I just have to do the colour edits and then, I think, I can add the graphics/special effects.

I just finished the colour edits in the first baby bunny shot. You can see a before and after effect below:

Finally, the second and final baby bunny shot! I did a similar thing to the last shot and just brought up the saturation.

Wow! That was awesome! I am not done with this edit though! I still want to add graphics/special effects and some title screens!

Graphics & Special Effects:

I have zero experience making applying, so my hope is that this isn’t super difficult and time-consuming!
I just did some research, and it seems like there is no lens flare effect in Premiere (there totally is). I think that I will download one. Although I was trying to avoid plugins for this post, I will get one for a lens flare. (it was in front of me this whole time)

I have been searching and OMG! $400 PER YEAR for a Premiere add on! Uh… No thanks!

Yay! This one is much better! It is from Premium Beats, which is owned by shutterstock. If you want to use this pack, click right here. Just a warning, it is 785 MB of files, so if you are limited on computer space, definitely don’t download it!

I am not sure why, but it won’t import the files… It says right on the website that Premiere Pro is a supported program…

It seems like the files imported anyway, not sure why that pop up appeared. I want to add the first flare on this long clip (clip #6).

I just added all the effects but I wanted to show you what the individual effects did. The first lens effect did this:

I want to note that I got this effect after a lot of edits to the colour. By default, the download gives you blue overlays, so I had to change it to be warmer and get rid of the parts that were too intense. On the right side, you can see some of the changes I made…

Okay, I just spent the past ten minutes trying to figure out why the second one wasn’t working, and I just realized that I still had it hidden. 😂
Now that I figured that out (lol), I will show you what I did at this part with the second overlay. I added this ring to the outside right as the music builds up to it’s climax.

I made it so that light effects carry over until the baby bunny shots. I am not entirely sure what to do there yet. I am going to render the clips, so I can watch these edits back smoothly. While that happens, I will talk a bit more about the flare.

The flare edit was A LOT more complex than I initially thought it might be. I glossed over it in this post, partly to leave it open for a full post on the topic and partly since I intended to stick with the editor without external downloads. Either way, I underestimated that edit a lot. Now the rendering is set to take three times as long so, I’ll be back once that is all done, and I have seen the edit up to where we are now!

After half an hour, the clips are finally rendered! I just watched it through, and I think that I am almost done!

I am going to wrap up for tonight and finalize this edit tomorrow!

Hello! I am back and have had some time to think on this edit! I know that I want a light sun effect to be added to some other clips. I think that it will help make the clips match up! We will start with this clip:

You can see to the side that I have the start of the effect to the right, it just isn’t on this clip. As you can see, I made the effect a bit lighter, but it is still there and makes the clips match up better.

I also changed the opacity of it on the next clip. I am also still not happy with this part:

I ended up just doing basic edits to the warmth with the addition of the lens flare overlay. The actual flare is out of the frame, but it adds movement in the light and colour. I took down the sharpness, so it would look a bit soft as well.

I warmed up that very first clip of the bunny a bit, so it would match a bit but still help transition into the clips with warmer colours. I want to do one more lens flare effect and that is at the very end. I think for the last shot of the bunny hidden in the greenery, I want it to fade to white using a flare across the screen.

I used a light lens flare, film dissolve, and a fade to white effect to blend in the lens flare getting brighter and moving across to end with a fade to white.

I am going to again render all of these clips and watch through the playback! I will be back in an hour once that renders!

I am back, the video is rendered, and I rewatched it. Now that the playback is smoother, I saw some transition flaws that I needed to fix and changed up some effect opacities. Now, I think that I am done… Well, at least with the colour edits and special effects. I still want to add an intro of sorts and an outro.

I do have some leftover music space, and normally I would reference music creators, but I only have the company and not the artist for this music. I don’t think an outro will fill that space, so I will think about that some more. For now, I want to add the intro text/graphic!
I think that this one looks super nice. You can edit each part of the graphic to which is sooo, so cool!

I picked to green shades, a lighter one (1EFF7A) and a darker shade (90F5AE). I also added a title and subtitle for credit.

I am not done with this part though, I want to make the background be a blurred green colour. I have a photo that I think would be perfect for this! I used the photo that you can see on the left, and I cropped into these blurred flowers.

I decided that the text was kind of hard to read, so I made those circles a bit more visible:

That is what I have! I added a transition into the first clip and I think that will be good for the intro!

Now for the outro… As I said, there is a lot more space to fill for this part and I have debated adding another clip, but don’t have any that fit in.
I decided to add three photos! I have two of the babies and one of an adult bunny!

Now, for the final edit! I want to add a simple end card with the standard SUBSCRIBE thing. You know… yeah. I would probably go to a dedicated editor for this if I wasn’t sticking to premiere, but I think I’ll use an Adobe stock and hopefully be able to edit it…

Okay, I chose the template and was editing it and… I just found that Adobe does actually have lens flare option. I am happy I used an external one, but I wish I knew this before… Anyway, I got it figured out and I am working on getting the text in here:

I think it looks decent! I will add the blog link and my two social usernames! I added just some basic text… I think I could add something better, but this is really just to show some of what is possible in the program if I wanted. You totally can subscribe to the Rumble channel if you want, but I don’t mind. 😊

Now… one last render! Yeah, I’ll be back in an hour!

I am back, and it did not take an hour! 🥳
I just rewatched the video and am super happy with it! Now it is time to export!

Well… I went to export and it said this:

Now I am pretty scared… I really hope that this isn’t a problem. 😬

Okay, I just read Adobe Stock terms, and I just can’t use it in a music only release or have anyone pay to watch the video. Even if I did monetize videos, which I don’t right now, I would be fine! Thank goodness!!!

I am now exporting the final video!

After a very long time, I have the final export. I went through the video and do think that the audio could match up better, the photos could be centered better, and the transitions could be smoother, but I am overall happy with how it came out!

Watch the Video:

Now that the video is finished, I uploaded it to Rumble! You can view it by clicking the image below:

I do want to note here that I did upload a modified version of this to Behance. If you want to see that instead, feel free to use this link:

Thoughts On Premiere:

Okay, now that I have spent the past three weeks working in Premiere Pro: What do I think? I really think that it is a solid software with great add on support. The stock library is very expansive and royalty free (mostly). If you have no experience with video editing, you may struggle in this software. I think that Premiere Elements has a lot of core features, just the add-ons for Elements aren’t as widely used and are hard to find. I think that it is a super powerful program in terms of power and amount of edits available. There are more bugs than you might expect for a paid software. I found scrolling bugs, filter bugs, timeline bugs, import bugs, and quite a few others during the edit. As I said, it is just very surprising considering it is not an inexpensive editor, and it has native chip support for an intel machine (like I use).


I really hope that you enjoyed this post! It was a lot of fun to make, and I feel like I learned a lot about video editing that I didn’t know before! I will be experimenting with more Adobe softwares in the coming weeks, so if you want to see that, be sure to follow the blog, so that you don’t miss them!

Thank you so much for reading, and I will see you next Friday for another blog post!

Oh, one more thing! I have a post out on Medium about spam comments, you can check that out here:


Okay, that is it! Goodbye!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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