A Collection of 50 Photos 2021

Hey, hey, hey everyone! In today’s post, I compiled 50 photos for my 50th blog post here on WordPress! Also, on Saturday (5/29/2021) you were able to help me hit 50 follows which was so perfect! Now I am on the 50th Blog Post, with 50 Follows, and I am about to show you 50 photos! You all are absolutely incredible, and I cannot thank you all enough for this!


Before I get started, I wanted to mention that for this post, I put together a timelapse of me editing all of these photos! I spent hours editing it, and it came out to be about a half an hour video, even at 8x speed! I found a ton of really cool music to go along with the edit too, I hope that you enjoy it! You can check it out at the link below on Rumble:


Let me know if you all like Rumble on your end… I am not a huge fan of the platform, but I am struggling to find a better alternative.

Photo #1:

For the very first photo in this post, I have a photo of a Teasel! I did the edit in Photoscape X using one of the texture overlays! I have kind of become addicted to these texture overlays, I think that they can really add to photos.

Photo #2:

Next I have a photo of a fly that I got recently. I edited this in Photoscape as well and actually attempted to put it on Pixabay but… Sadly it was not approved for whatever reason.

Photo #3:

For this photo I switched gears a bit and did the edit in Photoshop Elements. I am not entirely happy with this edit but added that odd lens flare to make the photo a bit interesting, even if it wouldn’t be realistic.

Photo #4:

This photo was edited in Polarr and, unlike the last photo, I really like how it came out! I did some color enhancements and added a lot more contrast.

Photo #5:

Here is a photo of a Robin out near my house! I did some minor photo enhancements in Photoshop Elements.

Photo #6:

Here is another photo that I edited in Polarr. I like making flowers pop and feel that isolating them in edits with vignetting and decreasing the shadows really gives off the isolation effect!

Photo #7:

Oh my, Oh my! I edited this photo in Pixlr X, and it was just as laggy as last time! After editing in very nice editors just minutes prior, the lag was really frustrating. I really do think that it is a decent editor, but this lag is not very nice.

Photo #8:

For this photo of a dogwood flower I, again, edited in Polarr. The photo wasn’t quite in focus on the flower, so to make up for it, I made the whole photo compliment it and so it would give the impression that I used soft focus.

Photo #9:

This shot is of a plane passing overhead. I added a sun to the sky since it was so cloudy but feel that it looks out of place… It can be so hard looking back at edits πŸ˜‚

Photo #10:

Up, Up, Up! I have a lot of bird photos in this collection… I have recently been looking up a bit more to watch out for them! This is another photo edited in Polarr. I think that Polarr is probably my current favorite free editor. The end photo is a bit grainier than I intended it to be.

Photo #11:

I thought that this bird looked super interesting. I love the blue on its neck. I did a small edit in Photoshop Elements to bring out the colors and crop in a bit. Looking back at this edit, I definitely think that it would look better with some minor vignetting.

Photo #12:

Another bird shot! This is an Oriole that I had been following. It did eventually perch for this photo!

Photo #13:

This photo is of a singing bird. As you can see, there was a period of grey and cloudy days when I took these photos. Some photographers like clouds, but I prefer a nice sun, especially in the golden hour.

Photo #14:

Fake or real? I rendered in these clouds and am not sure if they look fake or not. My hope was to have them look natural, but I am not entirely sure if I pulled it off…

Photo #15:

Editing can sometimes be super difficult in certain situations, this was one of them. I wanted a simple edit, so I tried a simple editor; Ultimate Photo, but it wasn’t giving me a nice effect. I did Finally settle on Polarr and got a photo that I was pleased with.

Photo #16:

I find that brightening shadows is a difficult thing. Either you brighten them and just leave the photo with a lot of grain, or you use noise reduction which can make photos a bit too soft… I went for a silhouette of sorts and just took the shadows down all the way. It certainly depends on the photo, but I feel that silhouetting worked well for this photo.

Photo #17:

This shot was taken by a dam. There was a family of ducks swimming down the river! I discovered in the edit that HDR really makes water pop.

Photo #18:

Run away children! These were the little ducklings of the duck in the last photo. They were swimming super quickly away from the parents! It was adorable. πŸ˜ŠπŸ¦†

Photo #19:

This photo is an example of making do with what you have. I had switched lenses to take some macro shots and this bird soared over head! I wanted to capture it, so I just used the macro lens and was able to get an okay shot.

Photo #20:

These birds had been soaring over my head for a while and as I went for a photo, they both flew in frame! It was just perfect for me to get a photo.

Photo #21:

Yay! The timelapse actually just finished exporting from Adobe while I am writing! Anyways… This photo is of a tiny bird that I had been following with my camera. They were everywhere, but this one got close enough for me to snap a photo.

Photo #22:

For this photo edit, I went back into Photoshop Elements. I was trying to use a layer edit, which I knew very little about then. It didn’t go well for this edit, so I stuck with what I knew for the time being.

Photo #23:

Landscape photography is one type of photography that I do not do very often. If there is a cool landscape, then I’ll snap a photo, but I don’t put as much thought into it. I need to improve upon that. For the edit I added clouds at the top of the mountain. Looking back now, I think that they look very unnatural.

Photo #24:

Here is another simple landscape shot. I think that this is an odd shot because of the lake’s shoreline. The shore is curved, so it looks like my photo isn’t straight when it really is πŸ˜‚.

Photo #25:

Sun spots are really nice for taking contrasty photos. There was a patch of sun coming through the trees on these dandelions making an interesting colour profile.

Photo #26:

As you can see from the photos, I got some more blue skies. I still think some of these photos look a bit darker though. I guess I should criticize finished edits too much.

Photo #27:

This photo was of this very uncooperative turtle. It was sitting on this log and when I went to go a bit closer, it jumped right into the lake. Wonderful! I still got this photo, which I can’t really complain about. I was editing this in Photoshop Elements where I was still trying to figure out layered edits (getting closer).

Photo #28:

Finally! I figured it out! AKA: I went to Adobe’s website to learn πŸ˜‚. I now know what I was missing out on; Layered edits are so, so much nicer.

Photo #29:

My favourite time of day for photography! Sunset! The sun was shining through the trees and I loved the way these leaves were shining in the sunset light!

Photo #30:

For this photo, I tried to switch things up with some more dull tones. I think that it was cool for a change, but I still like more vibrant colors.

Photo #31:

Green! I took this photo as it was getting greener! I just wanted to illustrate the green tones that were coming out for spring/summer!

Photo #32:

This photo is back in Photoscape using those textures!

Photo #33:

Blue tone time! I wanted to edit this photo was some blue tones. Sadly it had some consequences in the way that I edited, the mountains weren’t able to be as bright. Always fun to try changing up editing styles!

Photo #34:

I love the Photoscape HDR and Magic Colour processing. For this photo, it really brought out the red in the wood and dirt!

Photo #35:

This photo was of a very beat up tree. I really wish people wouldn’t do this to trees. Not only does it let bugs in, but it isn’t pretty! I am also realizing as I write this that this is the only b&w photo for this post!

Photo #36:

Trees in the winter always look so bare, unless they are evergreens. I think that if I went back to take this photo now, the shot would look a lot better. Sadly, the winter gloom made this photo boring to me and I never got to post it. With some Photoscape colour enhancement, I was able to help improve the photo.

Photo #37:

This is another older photo from the winter. I think that I just never posted these because I don’t like how gloomy things look in the winter. The ice kinda looks cool though!

Photo #38:

I think that this photo is a good representation of what you can find if you search hard enough! This was another shot from the winter, but it was fairly red and with some help from Photshop, I made it even brighter red.

Photo #39:

Photo #40:

This is a photo of this little sculpture. I can’t remember where it is from, so I hope that there are no issues with photos of it being online!

Photo #41

I believe that I did post this photo somewhere… I edited it differently to get a different kind of photo from before.

Photo #42:

I thought that this flower looked really awesome with the light shining through it! I added some vignetting around it to make it shine out a bit more!

Photo #43:

Here is a photo where my phone was struggling a bit. I didn’t have my camera with me when I took this and the light was confusing the phone and made the shot look a bit odd. I embraced it though and just made the edit compliment the photo.

Photo #44:

Here is another mobile shot! This was more ideal lighting for my Pixel and so I got a nicer shot!

Photo #45:

This is a photo of an azalea after rainfall. I think that raindrops look really cool, especially after you bump up clarity in edits!

Photo #46:

Here is another photo taken around sunset!

Photo #47:

This shot gave me a lot of trouble in edits. I wanted vignetting, but was trying to do it manually. I sadly could only get white, which I couldn’t get rid of… Finally, I gave in and went through the guided.

Photo #48:

Artificial colouring. I went into this edit wanting to do something a bit different and decided near the end to change the colour of the flower… I was in Polarr, which I had never tried this in… It worked out well once I figured out how to do it in Polarr. The original colour was blue.

Photo #49:

This should have been photo 50, but I have no clue where I screwed up! I will add one more for you instead. I think that the timelapse is right…

Photo #50!

This photo was one that I used for a timelapse for my medium post on Galaxybook 2021 software.

50, 50, 50!

Thank you so, so much for 50 follows on my 50th blog post! I really hope that you enjoyed these 50 photos! This post took quite some time to put together, so it would be outstanding if you could drop a comment saying which photo was your favourite!


Also, yesterday was my one-year anniversary with WordPress. I started developing and designing the site one year ago! Thank you for all of your support, my friends!

Thank you so much for reading, I will be back next week with another big post! Be sure to follow, so you don’t miss it!


-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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