Editing Photos in Windows Photos

Hi everybody! Today, I am going to be editing in photo editors that you already have on your computer. Now I use a Windows computer, so I have to apologize for mac users (I’ll talk a bit about other operating systems later on.) I hope that made sense! Okay, now lets get into it!

Windows Photos:

A large portion of this blog post will be about defaults on Windows based computers. Now you may be wondering; What photo editor is installed in Windows? Well, It is the Windows 10 Photos app. This is preinstalled on Windows 10 machines and I want to see how good it is!

Below I have a screenshot of the app open! As you can see, there are a lot of my recent photos. I blurred out those two photos because they are in next week’s blog post! You can also see that there are some video features, more on that in a moment. First I will pull up a photo to try in the editor.

I found a photo that I want to try and edit. As you can see, it is just a simple shot of a flower with some water droplets!

Now, I am going to double-click it from the file manager and this will come up:

Click “edit & create” and then “edit” (the first selection). Yay! We are now in the photo editor! You will have cropping options and some tabs at the top. I went to filters and used the auto-enhance.

Personally, I think that the auto enhance overexposed the photo in the background. I would prefer a better balance between shadows and highlights for this photo. I moved the slider down to 10 and moved on.

Now, in the “adjustments” section, you have a few options. I thought that this was it, but luckily you can have individual sliders if you click on “light” or “color”.

I slid the “light” and “color” sliders like this, and I got this:

I think that looks A LOT better than the original photo. I added some vignetting and a bit more clarity and exported. That literally took 5 minutes, and that is only because I was writing at the same time! Here is the photo exported:

Now, you can do some other stuff in the editor which I will quickly show. First off, you can simply draw/write on top of the photo:

You can also add 3d effects into a short video clip using the Microsoft 3d library!

Video features:

The Windows photos app does also have a video editor. I think that it is pretty nice for a free and basic editor. Here is what it looks like:

I got all of my clips and made the video!

I mention all the features in the video editor in the video which can be seen at this link:


Differences with Windows:

Now, I use a Samsung laptop which also has Samsung Gallery preinstalled as well as studio plus for video. I won’t go through that today, but just note that depending on what Windows laptop you use, you may have little extras.

No Editor OS’s:

Sorry to Chrome OS users but right now, Google doesn’t have an editor preinstalled. Of course, things can be downloaded through the play store or using Linux based programs (on updated machines).

Linux users also don’t seem to have a photo editor preinstalled, although that may differ in some cases.

There are other less known OS’s, but most of you probably are using either mac devices, Windows machines, chromebooks, or Linux machines. (as a computer)


I can’t say that Windows Photos is amazing for photo or video, but it is okay and if you really needed a quick edit, you could do it. I liked the photo editor better because the video editor had more glitches and missing basic features. I think that they were okay though if you have no other installed editors. If you do have time to install an editor though, maybe try out Polarr.

Thanks a ton for reading! Guess what?! This is the 49th post and next Friday, I’ll be publishing the 50th blog post. I am so close to 50 blog follows and having 50 blog posts and 50 blog follows would be pretty epic, so please drop a follow if you can!

I hope that you all have a fabulous week and, as always, don’t forget to answer the poll down below! Thank you so much, see you next week!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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