Looking Up My Stock Photos

Hello all! Today I went searching to see where my stock photos have been used. Now, I haven’t mentioned it too much, but I upload free stock photos to Pixabay. Right now, I only have three photos, but I wanted to see just how many places have used my photos. By using Google Image Search, I was able to find the websites and social posts that have used my photos.

Photo #1:

This is the first photo that I EVER uploaded to Pixabay! I took a photo of my phone on a tripod. Actually, I was recording a timelapse for a post that I still have never published! (It will come soon!) Anyways, this photo has 245 downloads as I am writing this post!

1. I did the search on Google Images and most of the results were just Pixabay in different languages, but there were some other sites with the photo. The first photo that I found was actually a Reddit spam post (or put in the wrong SubReddit), kinda upsetting. It was on the r/MumboJumboYoutube page. Mumbo Jumbo is a gaming YouTuber with over 7 million subs. I actually knew who this was since he has a second YouTube channel for cinematography! Here was the post.

I went through to the link and found a blog talking about vlogging. It was a good blog post, I just feel kinda bad that it ended up in a SubReddit that was not about vlogging. If Mumbo ever reads this, I do apologize!

2. The other place where I found my photo was on a Spanish education blog here on WordPress! The writer used it as a thumbnail to link with a YouTube vid about InShot (an app that I may check out soon!).

2. My second upload to Pixabay was this Fujifilm Instant camera photo (post coming soon). This photo only has 87 downloads which does make sense considering there are a lot of instant camera photos on Pixabay.

I found my photo on a Japanese camera rental site. I translated the page in the screenshot below.

3. My most recent photo on Pixabay (right now) is a photo I used here on the blog. It is of Instagram open on a phone. This photo has the least downloads with only 18. I found a blog writing about mobile phones in China. Kinda funny since Google Pixels are made in Taiwan. Again, I have a translated screenshot below.

I find it funny that this photo has the least downloads because when I uploaded it, I thought that it would be fairly popular.


I actually posted a photo up on Pixabay later in the week (it is still under review) and put together a timelapse of me editing the photo! You can check it out at this link:


Pixabay was being a bit slow to approve the photo, so I don’t have any results on this one.


I hope that you enjoyed this week’s post… I do want to apologize for just how short this is. I was planning a long post with a ton of photos but my SD card with 4,500 photos got corrupted 😢. Luckily, I got most of the photos back but not until later in the week. I found it pretty cool to see where my photos have been used. My Pixabay photos are free to use under a Pixabay License. I do like it when you credit me, but the license does not require it. My Pixabay Page can be found at the link below:


Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to leave a like and a comment if you enjoyed, I may just do a part two a while from now! If you want to read my second post about the Google search algrotihm update for June 2021, go visit my medium.com page:

Thanks and have a fantastic week!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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