Why Printing Your Photography is Important

As a photographer, it is important to see your work. Before a photo somewhere, I look at it for a long time and see what I like about it and what I dislike. This is why most photographers never post certain photos. You will probably end up with some photos that you really like. Those are definitely photos that you should print.

Why Should You Print Photos?

You can get digital photo frames or just set a photo as your devices background, but printing photos is a way to see your work differently. When looking at your photos on a backlit screen, your photos will look different. When you print them some may look a bit darker than the way you saw them before or even slightly better in some cases. Of course, if you are planning to sell photos, it is crucial that you see what they look like printed out. You might want to change the edits on the photos that you end up printing and selling to make it look more like what you envisioned. The photo above is of one of my photos in a frame. I think that seeing your photos framed and displayed is very uplifting.

How I Like to Print:

My favorite finish on photos is definitely matte. Actually, my favorite finish on anything is matte. The photo prints that I have showed in this post are all photos printed through Amazon photos. I have to say, I don’t think Amazon photos is the best, I have found some odd imperfections in some of my photos and when comparing them to the original, they are very clearly different. The benefit is that the prints are inexpensive. When I bought the prints last, the 4×6 size cost 25 cents since then I believe you can get them for 20 cents.


I did mention size briefly above. This is mostly up to you, but I like the 4×6 size. This is perfect for seeing details in your photos and also small enough that they can fit into an envelope. The best thing about this size is that it is a perfect size for a gift.


For me, giving my photos as prints to others is the best. I love seeing what they think of the photos and then seeing them displayed. It really makes my day seeing that. In my opinion, giving photos is super important as a photographer.


I hope this post gave some insight in why it is still important to print photography in 2021. Let me know what you think in the comments! Also, the blog has had over 1600 views and over 500 visitors so a big thank you to all of you! 😊

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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4 thoughts on “Why Printing Your Photography is Important

  1. If you only want small prints you can go to any CVS or Staples among other places for about the same price with no waiting. For full size prints on quality paper you need to go to a camera store (if you can’t do it at home). Some allow you to upload online.

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