The Lume Cube Mini

The Lume Cube mini is a powerful mini light from Lume Cube which is under $100! This is a lot like a light from Apurture. Mini LED Panels like this are extremely useful and in this post, I am going to tell you about this light and why I chose to buy it.

Specs and Purchace Options

-Battery Runtime 1.2-14 hours (depending on brightness and color)

-Bi-Color LEDS (3200k(warm) – 5600k(cool) color temp adjustability)

-Dual Tripod mount (top and side)

-LCD Display

-USB-C Charger (In the box)

-Diffuser (also in the box)

This light can be bought from most online camera stores including B&H, Moment, and also the Lume Cube store. On average, you can get this light for about 60 USD but it does sometimes sell for more depending on the site.

This light is literally pocket-size. It is super tiny! All photographers have to worry about camera bag space and this can certainly just slip right into any small bit of space in your bag or pocket.

I find that this light also works super well on a mini tripod like in the photo below:

I also use the diffuser 99% of the time with this light. Without the diffuser, the light is just a bit too harsh. For such a small thing it is really bright as well! The controls are easy to use and if the screen is facing away from me, I know what buttons do what and don’t really need to look. One of my favorite things about this light is definitely the display. You can see everything from the color temperature to the battery life down to the minute.

If you got to read last week’s post, all the photos that were in the post were lit using this light.

In the past I have mentioned the less expensive Emart LED panels, and I still love those lights and constantly use them, but they can’t run without a socket, and they are a lot bigger.

I want to finish this post in saying that there are a lot of LED panels out there like this one and this is just the one that I chose. These things are extremely useful but there are other lights with different features. For example, the Apurture lights are magnetic unlike the Lume Cube Mini. You can get multicolor lights that cost a lot more as well. If you are looking for an inexpensive option, I highly recomend this light.

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you use an LED Panel for your photography in the comments!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

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