Snow began falling outside, and I immediately went outside to photograph and record it. I had some issues when uploading with quality and wanted to share the why with you as well. You can view the video on Behance by clicking the link below and Pinterest.

My last video has gotten more than 50 Pinterest views and during that time, I had already been working on this video! I really hope everyone enjoys this video as well.

Behance Link:

Pinterest Link:

Why did I have so much trouble with this video upload? If you saw my disclaimer over on Behance, it is because of the social media compression. For video to work on social media, compression has to occur. No current internet connection could support streaming a full quality video.

What social media compression does is freezes unmoving pixels and does not update them unlike a video stored locally might. When too many pixels have to be updated in a video, the video is compressed more and more. This added compression adds pixelation. In my video, the fast moving snow updates so many pixels that the social media has to compress and compromise the video more and more. Despite all of this, the video will be better right after that clip of fast moving snow is over. If you notice in my video, the part with snow falling in slow motion does not look pixelated whereas the first video clip of the falling snow against the fence does. If you would like to know more about all of this, you can watch the video below.

Video on compression by Tom Scott

Video info:

Track #1: Music by Owl_Glance from Pixabay

Track #2: Music by JuliusH from Pixabay

I hope that you enjoyed the video and the post. It will be interesting how long it will take to fix this compression issue. Technology will have to advance a lot, but at some point, the internet will probably get good enough to play videos in full quality (or not). Let me know what you thought about this in the comments!

Thank you for reading/watching!

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

Published by Digital Wonders and Smiles

I am a photographer, writing a photography blog here on WordPress. I am based in the USA and take photos in my hometown. I also occasionally travel both domestically and internationally and write photoblog posts and make videos about these trips! On my blog, I cover everything from mobile photography to dslr photography to photography techniques for anyone!

7 thoughts on “Snowfall

  1. What you have to do is use the smallest setting, for me its MPEG rather than AVCHD (Sony). Then keep it as short as possible while making your point. There are online sites to compress or change format but most video editors will let you do that. Great video, I love the music. 😊

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      1. You can also take a screenshot of the video or use a graphic for your post on WordPress then link to the place where you uploaded it. By the way Pinterest might not be the best because if you’re not a member you can’t see the content. Have a great day!

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      2. Thank you! I hadn’t thought of doing that and should definetly use a graphic. I didn’t realized that pinterest wasn’t letting you see it if you aren’t a member. I will definetly keep that in mind, Behance is my prefered platform for videos anyways. Thanks again Mike! 🙂


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