Why I use Creative Commons

As an extra post this week, I am going to give some incite into why I use the Creative Commons as opposed to a watermark. If you are a photographer and use watermarks, you may find this info useful.

Creative Commons is a free licensing website you can use on almost anything that involves you creating an original work and publishing it. This license will ensure that credit is given to the original creator of the work. At the time of this blog post, 1.6 Billion works have been licensed under the Creative Commons.

All my works are licensed using the Creative Commons. As you see below, my portfolio for the blog has the Creative Commons license underneath each photo.

The question is, why do I licence all of my work using Creative Commons. Currently, I am a photographer based in the United States and US law for copyrighting is that the photographer that takes a photo is by definition the owner. Here is some more information.

Even with this guideline, if someone were to steel your photo, it would be difficult to stop a person from claiming it. This is why using a free Creative Commons license is helpful.

With a Creative Commons license I get my work licensed without paying and ensure that no work is taken without proper attribution and licensing.

When not using a license, be sure to add a watermark to your work like I have done below. It will save you a lot of time and legal difficulty in the future.

B&W Butterfly

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-Digital Wonders and Smiles

  1. Anonymous on Misty

    Really enjoyed seeing these photographs! Absolutely breathtaking. ❤️

  2. Anonymous on Frozen

    ….yes, you really capture natures beauty.

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