Top 3 free Photography Editing Apps

A lot of photographers edit their photos. Although some photos do not need editing it can be useful for even the little things. I like to use numerous software for editing and since I started this blog I have picked up a few along the way. Below is a list of some editing software that I use.



Snapseed is a photo editing app for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) developed by German company Nik Sofware. It is now owned and operated by Google and has been since September of 2012.

Enough about history though. This photo editor is an exceptional editor for beginning out. Snapseed has numerous filters that you can use such as: portrait, smooth, pop, accentuate, and numerous others. You can improve the details in the image, change the coloration, crop, expand, change a persons head position, double exposure, and these are just some main things this editor does.


Polarr Photo Editor.

This photo editor was first released in June 2015 on IOS. It went onto the Microsoft store and more recently was made available for Android.

This is a photo editor that has numerous features making it unique. It has numerous filters, overlays, healing, text, and you can add watermarks. My personal favorite feature of this editor is using the watermarks. I used watermarks before I started using the Creative Commons copyrighting.


Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is another amazing editor and I use this editor the most. This photo editor has the most filters, the best healing, and a red eye eliminator. On top of these features you can crop, add frames, and edit the edges. This is my favorite photo editor that I have come across so far.

On top of these three photo editors, I have also edited on Google Photos and Apple Photos. Out of these two I would highly recommend Google Photos for the basic editing or phone editing.

If you know of any other photo editors please leave comments below and if you have a favorite yourself, also leave a comment!

Thank you!

-Digital Wonders and Smiles

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    1. Yes, I have found that certain features are not available with the free version which can be annoying but I do find it useful when I don’t have my laptop with me to edit. Thanks so much for visiting my blog too, I really appreciate it especially since your blog inspired me to change the way I edit photos. 🙂

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