Monochrome Photography

I was recently reading the Brashley Photography blog and was taken particularly with the Midweek Monochrome posts. Brashley Photography is another WordPress photography blog and has some pretty incredible photography so, be sure to check it out later! Browsing through their Midweek Monochrome selection I realized how little Monochrome photography I did. Here is one of my only monochrome photos:

This is one of my favorite monochrome photos I have taken and maybe favorite photos I have taken overall. I realized that a lot of my photos could probably be changed into black and white images and would look a lot better! A lot of the time I don’t think to change the color scheme in a photo and so after some time in Adobe, this is what I came out with!

Drag the line along to see affect. 😊
Drag the line along to see affect!

Which ones do you think are better in Monochrome? Please leave a comment down below! Also, visit the Brashley Photography blog to see the awesome photography that is posted there!

  1. Anonymous on Misty

    Really enjoyed seeing these photographs! Absolutely breathtaking. ❤️

  2. Anonymous on Frozen

    ….yes, you really capture natures beauty.

-Digital Wonders & Smiles

See some more of my monochrome photography on my portfolio page!

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